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SUCH a good day!

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We had a houseful. Mark, Sam and the babies got here, right on time. Its been 2 1/2 months, since I've seen them and the twins were giving me these weird looks, as if to say, "Who IS this woman?" My jingle bell earrings were a hit, though.

We were getting worried about my parents but, they finally showed up. They had to turn around and go home, because my dad forgot the pie. There was a major round of cheek pinching and belly poking. The twins are just TOO cute.

Both twins are crawling and Feliza chased Buddy, all over the living room and was headed off, just before she reached the kitchen. Buddy isn't sure if he likes them, yet but, he kept stealing their little toys.

The fancy red shoes went over well. According to Sam, the girls like shoes. This will make my life easier, in the coming years. I was right about Mark not liking the CZ earrings. Too bad.

Mom is thrilled with the Great Dane T-shirt and my dad loves the cheese and sausage gift pack. Bill's new shirt and the Crown Royal gift pack should get me a foot rub, he likes them so much. His favorite present is the mug shots of Rowdy and Buddy. I put them in a double frame.

Mark and Sam gave Mom and me Mary Kay bath sets: shower gel, lotion and loofah mitt. My dad brought us a 1-lb jar of chocolate almond clusters.

I have enough candy to last until Valentine's Day: dark chocolate-covered cherries, Hershey's Pot of Gold Nut Assortment plus the above-mentioned almond clusters. I also have two apothecary jars of M&Ms. Bill also got me an impact nutcracker. I love fresh nuts but, due to my arthritis, I can't wield an ordinary nutcracker.

All in all, this was a VERY good Christmas. Just watching those babies, rolling around my living room floor was fun. I'm off on Saturday and will download my pix and post some. Mom got mad, because I took her picture.
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I also had a very good, i.e. harmonious Christmas. The twins are adorable - definitely competition for the "Gerber Baby"!
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