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Learning to laugh at yourself

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Let me preface this by saying I am normally an excellent cook. Today, is not a normal day for me and I burned the ham, scorched the biscuits and made a mess of what should have been a nice dinner. Mike took it all in stride, but we were sitting here after dinner and I started to smell something *funny* that wasn't the litterbox *G* Then I heard this "POP" and I thought, okay, the trips were up to something......."POP" there it went again so I went to investigate.........

I had left a pan of eggs boiling on the stove and completely forgot about them! The water had evaporated and the eggs were exploding! LOL

All I can say is "Here's to egg on my face...er I mean stove!" What a mess!
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Sounds like a Monday to me
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I think learning to laugh at oneself makes life a whole lot easier (and less tense!).

I'll never forget our first Thanksgiving, we were just married over a month, I wasn't a young cook <G>, but I couldn't get the turkey to cook...I hadn't thawed it properly and was trying a new method of cooking it...what a disaster. DH still gets joy out of telling this story, about his wife who loves to cook but....
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When Mike's eldest son got married, we were invited to their home for dinner. She had made a potato salad that was a bit crunchy. When I politely asked her what she put into this salad that was crunchy, she said all that was in it was potatos and pickle and mayonnaise. Upon further inquiry she was amazed to find out you had to cook the potatos first! She had cut them into really tiny pieces, and thrown them in the bowl with the other stuff! She also made cornbread without the cornmeal.
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I havent tried to cook anything that takes skill yet, I guess I will one of these days! I limit myself to things ya boil and stir or pop in the oven
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Originally posted by hissy
When Mike's eldest son got married, we were invited to their home for dinner. <snip> She also made cornbread without the cornmeal.
Okay, I have to ask...how did she do that? Just flour etc?

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She just made it without the cornmeal - I didn't ask her to many questions about it- but nobody ate it.
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And I thought that MOM was a lousy cook!
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You have made me laugh!
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That's funny! I got an email today from a friend in Philadelphia, who was in the process of cooking a big Christmas dinner: "My mashed potatoes are totally gluey - do you have any idea what I can do?" I figure that I'm a half-way decent cook - I started doing most of the cooking for my family when I was ten, and I'm now 46, but, hey, s--t happens. My former brother-in-law and my godson are both chefs in 3 -4 star restaurants, and I know they make a mess at times. My mother-in-law is about the best cook/baker I know, and when I arrived at her house today to help with Xmas dinner, she was in despair - some vegetables had burnt, and the gravy had also burnt at the bottom of the pan. She was preparing a big dinner for 8, and had prepared enough for 30. Maybe I have a bad attitude, but my answer was - "If they don't want to eat it, too bad. You could have used a lot more help."
I don't mind cooking - my problem is always deciding on what to have.
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OMG M.A. how funny I still laugh about your eggs . To bad you did not make a picture of the result , I never have seen any eggs exploding I am in tears from laughing by now . And the potato salat is funny too with the corn bread . This is something you can tell your grandchildren one day I am so sorry , this is just to funny , still laughing over the eggs

All I can say is , you sure had a heck of a day lol .
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Been there,done that. not eggs.... but candle gel. I had a fire going on the stove . You did make me laugh. Did'nt know eggs poped. You poor girl. Sure hope you get to go out for dinner tomorrow.
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I can remember getting everything "all ready" to go and forgetting that I still had to put water in the pressure cooker with the brussels sprouts. They make a rather nasty smell when they burn. Needless to say, dinner was one veg short (actually, I think I did a fast substitute with some frozen peas or something).

It wasn't one of my better days, either. That happened after I had sent the bowl of Yorkshire Pudding batter sailing all over the floor, and had to do another batch. And the roast that was supposed to be part way cooked, when I came home with seven friends, was sitting in a cold oven, because the auto-on had not kicked in when it was supposed to.

Dinner was late.
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I had left a pan of eggs boiling on the stove and completely forgot about them! The water had evaporated and the eggs were exploding! LOL
I am glad that I am not the only one who has done this! I still haven't lived that day down. Hubby will not let me back in *his* kitchen!
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I'll go you one better!
A couple of years ago, I was preparing to leave for work and was drawing water to shower.
I noticed that we had no soap, so I had to go downstairs to get a bar dressed exactly as I arrived in this world.
The wife had some upbeat music on the radio, so I decided to "entertain" her with my version of a "Chippendales" routine.
One thing led to another and the next thing we knew, well, you get the picture.

While so engaged, I heard water hitting the kitchen floor.
Some idiot who, as it happens, looked a ot like me, had forgotten the water running in the tub and proceeded to flood his home.

Tip: Never get so enamoured with spouse to the point you have to involve the company that underwrites your homowners insurance policy.

Try explaining all of THAT to an adjuster!
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Ok - its confession time from me - many years ago, we had a very small kitchen and I was heavily into my body building. I needed protein powder at least 4 times a day. Well the first thing was to put in the powder and then the milk and whisk in the liquidiser. Carol was at work and fresh from a heavy session in the gym, I placed said ingredients into the machine and flicked it on. Suddenly the whole kitchen went bright yellow and I was covered head to foot in this sunstance that I normally drank. It was on the windows, units and walls, if it had a surface - it was now covered. I had forgot to put the lid on the liquidiser.
Well, I commenced the cleaning operation and cleaned every surface I could and as it dried it got harder to wipe off.
All the kitchen units were clean, windows spotless,then the walls had to be started.
Gave up after a few minutes and brought a heater in - had a brainwave!
I let the whole lot on the walls dry completely, went to the DIY store, bought a few litres of pain and painted the whole walls. It looked great. Carol came home that evening and was thrilled. I said absolutely nothing taking the praise for a hard done job.
I was found out two years later when we had a new kitchen installed and I had missed a corner above a unit and had to confess.
Needless to say - my wife has never forgotten that one.
Nor has she forgotten -
The time I made bubble and squeak with lettuce and I had no idea why the green stuff shrivelled into nothing - should have been cabbage!!
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Originally posted by Uncle Fester
Try explaining all of THAT to an adjuster!
Now thats priceless mate - I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that telephone call
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Every year I make a cheesecake for Christmas. I get raves about it. This year I just didn't have the time so I said I'd just make boxed brownies. I got calls begging me to make the cheesecake. So on the way home from work on Wednesday I picked up the stuff. I stayed up till midnight making it. Baking calls for 15 minutes on high heat, then 35 minutes at a lower heat and then 30 minutes with the oven turned off. You can't open the door till you take it out cause the oven temp will drop. So midnight I finally get the cheesecake out of the oven and the middle looks a little loose. I was so tired I swore I'd pop it back in the oven on Christmas morning. I toss the cake into the fridge and run to midnight mass. Yesterday I take the cake out and the center is solid. So I figure it just needed to cool and gel.

After dinner, we set out all the desserts, I put the cheesecake out, and everyone is thrilled I found the time to make one. My brother went off his Atkins diet for the first time in 11 months to have a piece. He cuts into the cake, takes out the first piece, and the whole center of the cake runs EVERYWHERE. I had a ring of baked cheesecake about 4" wide and a liquid center. My 8 yr old nephew told me "This year the cheesecake wasn't so good. Don't use that recipe again."
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OMG how funny Sweets
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Originally posted by hissy
I had left a pan of eggs boiling on the stove and completely forgot about them! The water had evaporated and the eggs were exploding! LOL
You know, if you microwave your eggs, they pop a whole lot faster.

One of our good friends did that in his younger days in his mother's microwave oven. He's now gone on and become a chef.
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OMG a chef now huh
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Don't feel so bad, 'cause of course we've done many mistakes like that. Haha! I think it's natural for us women. See what happens when we're either in a rush, or just too darn excited.

I remember making breakfast one morning, and when I went to put everything on the plate..... there went the food, which dropped on the floor. Thank goodness the plate didn't break. I got so upset, that when I finally cleaned the floor and got up, I accidently hit the glass of water that was on the edge of the counter. That was just my morning. LOL!
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First time I cooked dinner for a boyfriend at about the age of 18, I called and asked my mother for her spaghetti sauce recipe. At the time, I had NO common sense about quantities of ingredients, so I swear she said 2 cups of sugar, as opposed to the 2 tablespoons that actually go in there.

My father and the boyfriend started eating and said nothing. I took one bite and burst into tears. It was beyond obvious that the sauce was HORRIBLE!
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I tried to make pancakes for breakfast earlier this year. Believe it or not, I had never before made pancakes, and I burned the first batch. The smoke alarm went off, but I thought nothing of it. So I continued cooking away. Within seconds I heard the alarm at the fire station a couple miles away. I sat and listened as the fire truck started its siren. It came closer and closer until I realized that a ladder truck, ambulance, and other fire truck were all in front of my house. I dash outside in my short-short bath robe to explain that I had burned pancakes. Of course, the whole neighborhood is watching to see what the crisis is.

Even worse is that fact that it was in the next day's newspaper. It said "Ladder truck and ambulance respond to fire alarm at (address here). Found burning pancakes."

How very embarrassing!
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ROTFL!!! Are you serious Renae? The whole company came out to your home? LOL Did you serve them scorched pancakes ala Renae? ROTFL!!
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Sorry if I sound intrusive, but whats the point of learning to laugh at yourself? I though the whole point was the learn from your mistakes. Do you mean laugh as in the literal sense? Sorry, I just wanted to clear this up.

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Originally posted by Cougar
Sorry if I sound intrusive, but whats the point of learning to laugh at yourself? I though the whole point was the learn from your mistakes. Do you mean laugh as in the literal sense? Sorry, I just wanted to clear this up.
Yeah, pretty literal -- these are situations where you can either laugh or cry, and either way you can learn from the mistake -- I doubt if lotsocats burns her pancakes these days, or if Deb25 puts 2 cups of sugar in her spaghetti sauce now -- I know I've never forgotten the water in the pressure cooker again

...so why be miserable?
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OMG Lotsocats that is so funny . I know I would have bein very very . I still like M.A. egges exploding . Sorry M.A. that is just to funny , each time I read that I am in tears from laughing . Please don't be absad about me laughing over your eggs bomb .
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I am not upset with you Hedi, it is pretty humorous to me as well. Brandon I was speaking figuratively. Inviting people to laugh with me or at me, their choice, but just making light of a frustrating day. Not to be meant to be taken literally.
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I am so glad M.A. , I kind of worry about that a little , now I feel better
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