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So matted

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Today I went to the Cats Protection to do my voluntary stint (I am so committed I came in on Christmas Day). I went round to do the morning feeds and was asked to keep an eye on one of the cats to make sure she was eating. Unfortunately she wasn't eating and has not been really since she got to the centre 2 weeks ago. I was asked if I would take her home because it was felt that she was very unhappy at the centre and was showing her unhappiness by not eating much at all. I bought her home and she has been tucking into all sorts of food since arriving. The problem I have is that she is long haired and really, really badly matted. She is also 18 years old and is not able to be anaesthetised because of her great age. so how on earth can I remove all the mats without hurting her. I have had a little go and she growls and hisses and obviously finds it painful. I have read about using a hair conditioner and water mix to detangle the mats.Anyone have any ideas to help make this poor old girl more comfortable?
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Maybe your vet has a proffesional groomer and can shave most of him off . I would not wash him , since the matted part would really go into knots . Or maybe you can ask a friend to help you holding him while you shave the parts what needs to , of him .
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I would agree your vet should be able to shave her for you or direct you to a personal groomer. Poor kitty thank you for saving her.
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I am so glad that she is doing better in a foster environment. I groom pets for a living, and a shave down should not be as stressful as trying to comb the mats out and not as dangerous as trying to use a scissor. I do not work through a vet and do MANY a cat without anestetic. (sp?)
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You have to shave her, dont bath her or but anything on her mats, it will make it worst.
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Who could give up their 18 year old cat?

I have some overweight cats and their hair is matted around their tail. What kind of razer do you use to shave a cat?
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Originally posted by Ellie
What kind of razer do you use to shave a cat?
An animal clipper with a SHORT blade. With a professional clipper the blade of choice would be a # 10. It is the LEAST likely to cut the skin.
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I used the Philips Philishave C644. It is for humans, but it was fine for my cat. The sort of person who gives up their 18 year old cat is one who gets offered a high powered job, but are not allowed to take their cats. I would rather give the job a miss.
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Hi Jen & memysel,

Thanks for your replies. Does Pet mart sell Animal & Professional clippers or can I buy them on the internet?

I never heard of a Phillips Philishave C644. Do they sell them in the US?

Re: the 18 year old cat-or it could have been an elderly person who wasn't able to care for the cat anymore. At least they gave it to a rescue place instead of a shelter and I'm so glad it has a new home.

Can someone tell me what does Adult and Young cat mean that appears below our name?
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Unfortunately the 18 year old cat and her sister were given to the cat shelter because the previous owner got a high powered job and couldn't take the cats with her.I work at the shelter and that was the reason the lady gave for giving up her cats.
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Ellie , this means that if you have not posted a lot you are a kitten . And the more you post in here the more you grow up and get to a adult cat and so on . It will automaticly show unter your name when you grow more and you don't have to change it .
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I don't know how some people can look themselves in the mirror. What happened to the cats sister? At that age I would think they would be kept together. Bless you for taking her into your home.


Thanks for your reply. I thought that's what it was but I wasn't sure.
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The sister of the 18 year old (Ali), was also bought into the shelter. Unfortunately, Ali did not do well at the shelter and stopped eating. We all had great fears for her and so I took her home to try to encourage eating. It worked. She now eats, drinks and enjoys life again. Her sister (Spooky), stayed at the shelter. She enjoys it there. The older cats are free roaming, in safety, and so Spooky now does all things any other cat can do, without the worry of being abandoned.
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That's wonderfull. I wish all shelters were like that.
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I was at the shelter working yeasterday and met up with Spooky.She just purred and purred at me.She loves all the other cats and is really happy to be safe in the shelter.The shelter does not put any cats to sleep unless it is absolutely necessary.They are left to live the rest of their life in a natural environment.I tend to bring home the sick ones home that need that extra bit of love and attention and once they enter the house they become part of the family and live within the home for the rest of their lives.I have homed various cats,of various ages ranging from 8 weeks to over 20 years old.
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You're a very special person to give a home to all those "special" cats. Thanks for being there for them.

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If the cat is that badly matted you should take her to the vet or a professional groomer to be shaved. Don't try to do it yourself. It can be very tricky! Sometimes shaving them is the best thing when they get that bad. even if we don't like to see all that beautiful fur go!
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I used to be in cat grooming and agree with shaving only. Vets tend to use a surgical blade #30 which is too close. Buy any professional shaver/clipper and use a #7 or 10 blade. Bless you and good luck
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I took Ali (the 18 yr old) to the vet yesterday for a check up and while there,I asked him to shave her. He gave her a lion clip and she is a lot happier and more able to move now. The mats in her fur were stopping her from taking proper steps, but since being shaved, she walks around normally. When I got her home, all my other cats did a double take, they were unsure what she was at first, but they are all settled again now.
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great news!
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