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How much is microchipping?

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How much is micro chipping? I just wanted to get an idea....
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I heard humane society does it for like $20-25 around here... I could be way off though.
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Here I got ours chipped for $28 each at a mobile vet, using the HomeAgain brand. My regular vet charged $35. I called various vets in my area to get prices, and some charged up to $50, and it's for the same thing. Our shelters don't offer it in general, and I don't know about the Humane Society. However, when we adopted Pixie, our adoption price covered her chip, and they did it at the shelter.

There's only 2 major chips in the US, and whichever chip you use, you will need to pay an additional $12 to be registered in the company's national database. It was very easy to register and update info online.
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I paid roughly $15 for microchipping ( €). Our vets are very reasonable, and know that JC was a "rescue", so we got a reduced rate.
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I paid about $50, but I really don't care about that....
If I lost my cat, I'd want her back and THAT'S what I care about.
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I have 5 cats microchipped. It cost $35 at my vets office.
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What is micro chipping exactly and does it hurt the cat?
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I paid $10.00 apiece (special rate through a vet) when I got all of mine microchipped- because I took them all in at the same time, I got a special rate.

hockeygirl, microchipping is where a small chip is implanted into your cat and on this chip is stored pertinent information of the owner by a special code number. If your cat becomes lost, and taken to a shelter or a vet, if they have the proper equipment, they can scan the pet, locate the chip and retrieve the information. The chip is injected ususually into the cat's shoulder area and does not hurt the cat at all.
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My vet charges $35 and don't forget the $15 registration fee.
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Our humane society has checked into microchipping and will get that program started in the near future. We will charge an additional $15 per pet, including registration.

We had a demonstration from the chip provider on inserting the chip to see if our vet techs could handle it at the center. Since it is a fairly big needle that is used, we opted to have it done by a vet. There may be some bleeding, and it might hurt a little on the young ones, but usually pretty straight forward.

The only issues that they have with the chips is that sometimes they migrate down their bodies. They are inserted in their backs, but can slide down. Anyone trained in using the scanner knows to start the scan at their backs and run it across their entire body.

The company donated the scanner for signing up with their program.
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It's funny this question should come up. I just decided to take my chistmas money & do this so I called my vet & they charge $35 per cat. The local humane society doesn't do it for the public. You should also find out which chip is used most often in your area. There are two major brands in the US & what is used depends on where you are. From what I understand our local animal control has scanners for both chips.
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The new chips rarely move at all. The pricing depends on where you have it done. Humane societies and established non-profit rescue groups actually get a lower price from the manufacturer for both the chips and registration than the price given to vets. If the animal is chipped by a humane society the registration will have to be sent in by them to get the lower rate. As part of their programs, both Avid and HomeAgain actually donate many readers to animal shelters. The modern readers will read all the common chips currently used.

The chips actually contain only an ID number. The numbers are coded to identify which manufacturer produced the chip. The person reading the chip then must call to get the information. (Keeping your information up to date with the registering organization is EXTREMELY important. From experience I can tell you it is terribly frustrating to find a microchip, only to call and get outdated information and so still be unable to contact the owner.)

I've inserted a lot of microchips for our local shelter. Even though it's a large needle the insertion site (between the shoulder blades) has little in the way of pain receptors and so the discomfort level on the animal is minimal.

From a personal perspective, I STRONGLY recommend these as a permanent form of identification. Tatoos can fade or be easily missed because they are covered by hair. Though we rarely saw an animal with a microchip, I've seen several stray animals come into our local shelter only to go home almost immediately thanks to their chip. I know of one person who's dog ran off at a rest stop while traveling - and they had him back within four hours because he was picked up by the local animal control, which found his microchip. This is clearly an extreme case, but it is a great example of the value of these chips.

We have 5 dogs and 8 cats - and rescue other animals (currently a mom cat and one remaining kitten are also living with us - her other two kittens have new homes.) Every one of ours is microchipped, including the rescues. Even though the cats don't go out, if a disaster should happen (tree falling on the house, etc.) we'd be able to locate our lost babies.

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I had Rosie chipped at the cattery i put her in at christmas. It cost £10.00(Approx $15-$20?).

The vets over here charge a 'lot' more!.

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Humane society here is $25. Half price if you adopt a stray or other homeless pet.
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