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Hi from a cat person!

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My name is Dana. I grew up with lots of cats, we had as many as 4 in the house at the same time. When I got married I had to leave my cat Ernie at home because my husband doesn't like cats.

This month I told my husband that I really wanted a cat and he said it was up to me! I flew to the Humane Society and adopted a 6 month old male black cat. He had been raised in a foster home with kids and dogs. Well, I have two kids and two dogs so he was perfect. He came with the name Toddy, but my daughters changed it to Zachary. He is a playful kitty, and he loves laps! He has a loud purr and even my husband thinks he's cool for a cat.

Well a cat person is never satisfied with one cat. I decided Zach needed a playmate so I went back to Humane Society to get a kitten. I picked out a little gray female who was 3 months old, she hissed, spit at me, and scratched me so back in the cage she went. In the next cage was a black and white 1-2 year-old spayed female. She was sweet and a little shy. I fell in love with her instantly. She had been at the shelter for awhile waiting for a home. Guess who she came home with? The vet assigned her the name Josie when she was spayed. We decided to formally name her Josefina, but call her Josie for short. She's still being a little shy and does a lot of hiding under the bed, but she's slowly learning to trust me. And she's already taught the dogs whose boss!

I've had them less than a week and they have already brought me so much joy!
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Welcome Dana it is nice meeting you here .And my congrats on your new babies .

How wonderful of you to get the kitties from a shelter and give them a home . Sometimes it take one special cat to change a mans heart , that what happend here in my house .
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Congratulations on your new kitties! And bravo to your husband for opening his mind to the wonderful-ness of cats! My husband and I also have two kitties, one from the humane society and one from under a friend's washing machine!

I hope they bring you a ton of joy. What a wonderful holiday present!
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Welcome Dana and congrats to you for adopting those 2 babies from the shelter. As you can see, not all men dislike cats. I have lived with cats all my life and could not ever think of a time when I wouldn't have one in my life. My wife and I have 8 who share our home
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Hiya and welcome. Lovely to hear about you and your furry family. As ever - it would be great if you could post some pics when you get a moment, we'd all love to see Zach and Josie coz they sound soooo sweet!!
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Kudos for opening your home to 2 shelter kitties. We adopted all of ours from shelters, and we couldn't be happier and more in love with them. Can't wait to hear more stories, and see pics!
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Hi Dana, enjoy the site it is a cool one Glad you have a kitty in your life. I do believe I will always have cats in my life.
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Welcome to the site Dana! Cats have a way of warming up to just the right person. Your hubby may never admit that he likes cats, but once there is one in the house "that cat" will be OK.
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When I was first married we had no cat. I had to leave my kitty at home for my brothers. I could not take the family pet. It took some doing but I convinced my new husband that I would never be content without a cat. (If Momma ain't happy. Ain't nobody happy) We got Caesar from a foster home. He was a seal point Siamese. Now...our trailer was brand new and we had only been in it for three weeks when we got Caesar. From the first he would sit and stare at the cupboards like it was a TV. We thought we had a "mental" cat. It turned out that there was a rat! The trailer had been in storage as I am sure all trailers are and the rat was in the ductwork and was running on the framework. And Caesar had proved his worth to my doubting husband as to the worth of a feline in the home. From that time on we were never without a cat.
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Hello and welcome to TCS Dana and your family.

Thank you so much for adopting your kitties from the local shelter.
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hi and welcome to the cat site!!!!!
that's the thing with cats...you just can't have one!!!!!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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