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what could these be??

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every time after one of my kitties moves from a certain spot, i see these little things on whatever they were sitting on, they are small, hard, and off white, they don't move, they look like little grains of rice????
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I hate to tell you this, but this is a classic description of tapeworms. Usually a cat who has tapeworms has fleas, so the prevention is to keep your cat free of them, and the cure is to get medication from your vet to clear up the tapeworms your cat currently has.

It is a cycle where the flea swallows a tapeworm egg, the cat ingests a flea and becomes infected, passes tapeworm segments that as they dry look like pieces of off-white rice, these segments contain the eggs...and so the cycle goes.

I doubt there is a cat owner alive who hasn't had to deal with this at least once in their life as a cat owner!
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oh mi god, i think i am going to gag!!!! should i have all three treated, i don't know which ones they're coming from!!!
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Do yourself a favor and don't buy anything over the counter , those medication are a danger to your cats . Always go to the vet with them , or one . Usualy if one got tapeworms , all the others will have it too . As Pat & Alix said , we went through that all at one point with our cats and it is so easy to get and it can take only one flea to give that to your babies .
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Get them all treated - the vet will probably give you drontal or drontid - it doesn't cost much. I had to treat mine recently - I know its yucky.

Good luck.
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And wash your litterpans would really well as they can pass in the waste as well as be on your cats coats. Don't gag, just go get some drontal. The vet will need to know how much your cats weigh. Also make sure once they have been treated, that you flea treat them as well with advantage or frontline. Nothing over the counter- just something from your vet.
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Been there...done that. Yes, those are tape worms. As hissy stated, drontal will get rid of those buggers real quick.
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