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Reflective Christmas(long)

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This has been my own tradition... I would always try to have a quiet xmas eve night to reflect what have I done this whole year and what is it that I hope to achieve by the time Santa comes around next year.

For the past two years, I have always been in the company of many people and my ex bf..In singapore terms, for the past two years, I've been cheonging for every xmas eve. That is to run from pub to pub to drink and be merry. All those two years I have neither looked back at my life to see if I have changed for the better or worst.

Fortunately, this year I have found a friend who relish a quiet xmas eve. We were just having some red wine, a whole lot of candlelight and just the two of us, talking about our plans for the next year and how our lives have changed for the one year or so. Both of us have been dumped and both of us have healed together, holding each other up when we feel low. Next year, she would want her business to go on to track while for me, next year holds a lot to me cos I'll be starting full fledged on my volunteer work, devoting more time to it and hopefully, to get a better job that allows me to have financial stability before I am able to move out on my own.

Usually xmas day is spent with my old friends to chat and catch up with each other over coffee. This year, i'm down with flu and fever. So I'm stuck at home. sleeping the whole day at home and watching tv with tissues in my hand... All of a sudden, I realised that while in the past I used to wish somebody would be here to look after me, this time round, I have actually taken care of myself, taken medication on my own and by this time I am more or less feeling better. To me, in a way, I do not need my ex bf to be around anymore to take care of me or just to be around. That felt good.

So what are your thoughts for the year? Recall the whole year and wonder if you did anything that changed people's lives...
Thanks for listening.
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Kate I hope you feel better (((HUGS)))

I had a interesting year . This year we went to Massachusetts to see all my husbands family . I have not seen them for about 6 years I think . I first worried about all my animals here going there . But it worked out great . We knew a person from the animal control here and she come to my house twice a day to take care of all my kitties and dogs . I also got me Jezabel from the shelter this year and gave her a new home . Then I got me Ginger a persian rescue . After that I gave 2 more persians from the pure breed rescue Olie and Cookie a new home . I also found TCS this year and have learnt a lot of things here . I learnt that TCS has a great suport here and is my 2nd family and love each and every one in here . My husbad addet more to the cat enclosure what was great for the cats and for me . We had christmas last night on the 24 at 7 pm and open a bottle of wine . Even my son had 1 glas of wine and he looks forward to this day . He is 15 years old turning 16 in June . We made his christmas what is very important to us . He is my only son , so I enjoy it to spoil him once a year . The kitties had all fun running around in boxes and papers . So it was a good christmas for us . My friendship to Iris has grown , she is also german like me . I found she is the best thing what happend to me in the last year . When I needet her she always was there to help and like wise . I have lernt to trust her and can depent on her , what you cant say of a lot of people . The great thing is , she is also a animal lover . She is more of a dog person then a cat person . But rescue both , if it is a cat she try to find a home for and for the dog too . I think I found out with having so many animals like me , you learn quick who is your friend and who is not . I guess it was a good year for me
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