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Mouth Sore, wont eat!

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One of my cats, Jordan stopped eating and drinking and I took her to the vet a couple days ago, he said that her mouth was sore and had a sore throat and it was a virus and it had to run its course and he did give me some antibiotics to give her if she got worse. My cat Griffin got really sick on Thanksgiving day and we took him in to the emergency vets and then I took him on to my regular vet, he had a really bad Upper Respiritory Infection and he is much better now, 2 others got it and they have recovered also. The vet seems to think that its the same virus thats made Jordans mouth sore, she has no other symptoms, no runny nose, no congestion, etc. The only thing is it seems to be painful for her to swallow and she will not eat, and I'm pretty sure she isnt drinking. She throws up alot, its clear and foamy. I have been syringing her some water, 1 cc at a time onto her tongue trying to keep her hydrated, I give her about 2 syringe fulls at a time, about 12 ccs every couple of hours. I'm very careful about it also, dont want her to inhale any water into her lungs. She is taking it fine, I tried mixing a little canned food with water and made a mush and feeding her that way but she just throws it back up, I think its the feel of it in her mouth that she doesnt like. I have some gel like Nutri-Stat that I have been giving her also because she wont eat. She seems to feel fine, other than the mouth soreness. She is using her scratching pad and all and is urinating in the litter box but only once yesterday though. Has anyone had any experience with mouth ulcers or soreness? I have tried every food imaginable and she will not eat it, she only ate about 4 pieces of dry food yesterday morning and then nothing but what I gave her after that, just the water and the Nutri-Stat. Sorry this is long, but I have never had any experience with a cat with a mouth sore before, and I'm kind of confused about if it is the same virus how come she has none of the other symptoms of an upper resp. infection. When the others had it they had the runny nose, sneezing, etc. but didnt stop eating. She has none of those symptoms other than the sore throat.
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Please get her to another vet quickly! One that knows about cats and specializes in them.
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Hissy is right, please get your kitty to a NEW vet and promptly.

You should know that many virals can replicate into different strains, so while all your kitties may have suffered the same virus, one of them (Jordan) may have suffered another strain altogether. What your vet needs to be looking for and testing for, is calicivirus, chlamydia and also ruling out bacterial infections and checking out her teeth, oral cavities for any signs of diseased teeth or tooth abcesses, etc. There are various causes to ulcerations, soreness in the mouth and throat. A new vet may opt for a swab and/or culture to rule out calicivirus or chlamydia, etc and will probably want to run a CBC to help determine bacterial infection (that may be secondary to a primary viral infection). If she is dehydrated severely, this will also show on the CBC.

Cats who go longer than 2-3 days without sufficient nutrition and hydration can fast suffer liver and kidney disease, don't take that risk, see a NEW vet promptly and get to the underlying problem before it escalates even further................................Traci
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We will all begin to sound like a broken record, but you need to get your kitty who won't eat to another vet. Some viruses can cause ulcers in the mouth & down the throat. But, cats who go for too long without eating can develop life threatening liver problems. Since she is not drinking she could also dehydrate badly & damage her kidneys.
At the very least she could get some fluids under the skin which would keep her hydrated & add a tiny bit of nutrition.Try offering the juice from a can of tuna packed in water (you can dilute it further).
Bottom line though,she should be seen by a vet.
Deb E
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Jordan is feeling much better now, after a lot of worry and syringe feeding she is feeling much better, eating on her own and drinking too. She still has a little bit of a sniffle, and is taking antibiotics still. She is getting to be like her old self again. Hopefully she will be back to her old self soon and can go out into the rest of the house with the others soon.
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