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Big Kitty

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i am not a cat owner at this time, but i plan to be. i am looking for a big cat, i dont want to end up like roy with the tiger or anything. i knew a guy once that had a cat that had to have been 30lbs or more, but was not fat. it was a very lean muscular cat. does anyone know of a breed like that or a breeed that just get really big. i dont want the cat to be unhealthy but as big as i can get w/o a license. any help would be appretiated
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Welcome to this site .

I am not sure , but I think the Maine Coon Cats is a large cat with long hair though .
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if you look at you can search for extra large kitties. I have seen some one there that are pretty big.
We have a couple of big feral kitties, our baby neo is 19 pounds and nimbus is eight monthes old and 12 pounds, we think he will end up being HUGE!
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thnaks for the quick replies, ill check into that
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Maine Coon is the biggest breed of cat(I think!) and Norwegion Forest Cats are a close second! Good luck with finding a big kitty!
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You might also check Ragdolls and Siberians
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Does Tony the tiger of the Frosties advert count as big enough?!!!
Sorry - could not resist- best of luck though and hope you find what you are looking for. Cats are Grrrrrrrrreeeeatttt
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Kev I think Tony the tiger is the bigest cat as far as I know . But he has already a home
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The big fluffy guy below is Toes. He is part Maine Coon and he's 21 pounds. He'd probably be bigger if he were full-blooded (but he'd also be brown instead of orange and white).

I love big cats too and Toes is just right for me.
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i am far from an expert on cats, but arent all of the breeds mentioned so far long haired cats? i am really hoping i can find a short haired car, but thanks again for all the quick replies
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How about a Bengal?
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i really dont want to end up like roy. also i have a 3 week old son, will a big cat be any different than a small cat with small children?i should also probly add that my son will be a few months older when i acctually get my cat
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LOL I dont mean a bengal tiger, there is a breed of cat called a bengal here
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like i said, i am far from an expert, never heard of a bengal cat. it looks really kewl, like a small tiger. the look of that one might make me go with a smaller cat. probobly would scare my friends at first. that would be funny if they came in the house and thought i had a tiger
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Please before you get a Bengal read up on the breed, they are very active, get bored easily and can have an attitude. I am not sure why you are so set on a large sized cat? And if you stay with a domestic cat you won't end up like Roy. You would need to go to the wild exotic cats to get in trouble like that.
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I also would like you to really study the bengal breed , they are not as easy as a normal cat . Many bengal cats end up in a rescue group or a shelter becourse people just wanted the looks of a bengal but the personality of a persian cat .If you want a easy cat but a big size I would look on petsfinder for large cat in your area . You would also give a cat a 2nd change in life .
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I believe British Shorthairs are pretty large. American Bobtails are considered medium to large. They come in short and longhair varieties. I am getting a semi-longhair AB in about 3 weeks. (can't wait!)
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i always do a ton of research on long term things like a pet, i plan to read up on the bengal and any other breed before acctually getting anything. also my reason for a big cat is to have something different. when people see it i want them to say "that is a cat". i cant really explain in very good detail, i just want a huge cat.
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Those Bengals look great. Phil, I like big cats too, so I can relate to how you just want a big cat. Just make sure your not getting one as a social status booster. If you search through some adoption organizations/pounds Im sure you will find a cat that is perfect for you based on personality and not just looks.

Good Luck,
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I have a bengal and he is 10 months old. He weighs, roughly 13 pounds. He is not a "big" cat, just muscular and tall compared to a domestic cat. I would suggest that you go to the local shelter and look for an adult cat that is full grown and lovable. You can guage how large he will grow up to be because they are already full grown and well adjusted. can help.
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I have a 2 year old Tuxedo boy who is 20 pounds! My little boy Zeus is 8 1/2 months old and he's 11 pounds. Both of my boys are 3 feet long, their tails are a foot long!

.: A List Of Large Breeds :.


American Bobtail

Maine Coon


Norwegian Forest Cat



American Shorthair

Savannah - Larger than any domestic cat, my personal favorite!

Snowshoe Siamese


.: Remember! Males are always bigger than females in purebreds :.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
if you look at you can search for extra large kitties. I have seen some one there that are pretty big.
We have a couple of big feral kitties, our baby neo is 19 pounds and nimbus is eight monthes old and 12 pounds, we think he will end up being HUGE!
NIMBY!! Wow, he is getting heavy! Post some new pics of that big boy!
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Just make sure your not getting one as a social status booster

socal status is the last thing on my mind. most of the things i am into are things that most people dont like or dont even know exist. pretty much all of the cats i have seen in my life were just normal sized house cats or big tigers that i wouldnt want in my house. i do check the petfinder website from time to time, but i wish they would put the weight or some measurments on the site.
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One way to find the size of a cat is to visit a shelter. Thats a surefire way to know.
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Hi Phil,

I just happened upon this thread and thought I'd add my two cents! My family has two British Shorthair cats. They are definitely a MAN'S cat. They are big, sturdy and hardy. Depending upon what the breeder breeds for, some BSH's are quite large. My Duncan is 17 pounds worth of solid cat. Almost every man that has come to my house just LOVES Duncan. They are excellent around people, children and other pets. Kind of a no-nonsense breed of cat. Short, plush hair. Quite a wonderful housecat I'm a little biased,! He is a pedigreed BSH and is from Olivia Strongo of Elusive Blue Cattery in Simi Valley, California. She breeds for a nice, large BSH. Good luck in your choice!

Cindy W.

PS. You could check out my Webshots site to see some pics of him :

Here is my smaller BSH's album (Jellybean):

Also, I have several pictures of him posted here on the CatSite if you want to do a search

Anyways, Good Luck on your search!
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thanks cindy, it wouldnt let me see your pics but i did a search on that breed and got an idea of what it looks like. it looks like a nice cat, very solid looking. it just might be a little smaller than what i had in mind, but what i have in mind probly doesnt exist.
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Hmmm...bummer that it wouldn't let you see the pictures. Ugh...computers!

Anyways, I'm sure you will find what you're looking for

Cindy W.
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