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Foster Kittens put to Sleep

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My mom decided to put herself on the list to take care of kittens who are to young to be adopted. We got a set of four kittens who we were meant to take care of. We went to pick up food for them and my mom already set up a room space we which have upstairs with carpet and toys and we made sure it was a safe kitten place. We already had other animals and we knew we had to keep them seperated.

Just a few days into having them one of them got sick. It was the smallest one and we took him to the vet quikly. At first it looked like signs of malnutrition which is commons for kittens who come out of the streets. We fed him some stuff but it didn't help. He ended up dying. Then when one others got sick we found out it was a rare condition that kittens get (I forgot the name). There was nothing we could do for them so we ended up have to put the others to sleep. Of course we waited to see but after the third one was almost died we had no choice to put them to sleep. It was heartrenching because they were so young but we had no choice.

My mom was purely upsett because it was her first time raising kittens. They told my mom she was the first to ever truly fight for sick kittens like this and they thanked her so much!

It was so so sad... I was crying for a week because of that. I felt so bad.
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I am so sorry about those kittens , may they RIP

But sometimes things like that has to be done , even though it hurts . But you and your mom can say that you all try really hard to do everything there is possible to do to save them . And that is the most important thing to cling on right now . At least those kittens felt love for one week , what some never get in there hole life . Bless you and your mom for giving your heart to save and the love to give
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{{{{Hugs to you and your mom.}}}}

RIP dear kittens.

They may have been taken from this realm too soon but there are better plans for them. What you and your mom did for the kiitens was wonderful, bless your hearts. There are other kittens out there in need of loving people - who knows one of them might be one of the kittens coming back for a longer stay....

Take care and be strong. You both have some little watching over you both.
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I'm sorry to hear about your losses. It's amazing how fast one can become so attached to these kitties. I had little for less than a week but I was really torn up when he died.

I, of course, raged at God as to how he could do such a horrible thing. But I later, once again, realized xc (sic, kitty typing ) I don't see the big picture or know his reasons. Perhaps part of 's purpose here was to make me and others aware of the feral problem, TNR, etc. in a way no brochure ever could. I do know that if hadn't died the day he did I would't now be fostering 3 other feral kittens who were probably otherwise doomed.

Sorry to go on about myself but hopefully it will be of help to you.
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Thank you. Right know I amf ine. It has been a few months but still I feel sad. I do fin myself hoping they are in a better place and I know they are.
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It's always sad when a kitten dies, especially when they were strays.

God bless you for opening up your home to fostering. I'd like to foster, but my wife and I would never let them go, so it's best that we don't.

It always makes me mad to see a cat that died on the street with no love, no care and no hope

If nothing else, you gave these babies a warm, safe and loving enviroment from which to leave this world and enter the next.

Hopefully, this bad experience won't stop you from keeping up your animal rescue efforts, God knows we need every caring sould like yours to help!
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We had 3 cases this fall of cats that we found new homes for, but with in months of being rehomed passed away. It was sad, but when I really thought about how it happend I became thankful that they had found homes. You see some cats go their whole loves never knowing love, or never having someone care for them & fight for them the way you & your mom did for those kittens. So even though your righfuly sad you should also be proud that you gave those kittens love, warmth & a home before they passed on.
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Feel good in your heart that those kittens left our earth feeling some comfort and felt loved.
My hugs for you and your mom for your loss, though.
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