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Feeding of the beast

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I made 2 pictures when I was feeding my herd a while back . I thought is kind of funny , so I wanted to share them with you .
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and # 2
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Aww.... I love group pictures!! Hedi, give your fur gang scritches for me.
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Thank you Sandra
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That's...amazing. I've never had more than three cats at a time, so that sight is quite spectacular to me.
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Lynx I am glad you like the pics
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Hedi, That IS a herd! Very cute!
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"Feeding time at the zoo".. Looks like my house!!!!!

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Looks like a pack of wolves...opps...I mean lions eating

That one kitty looking at the camera is saying....
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Them there is a lot of cats Nice pics, glad to see the group comes together for meal time
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Wow! I've never seen so many cats at once! It's great!
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Thank you guys , I thought you all get a kick out of that .

Blondie LOL , that is so funny . And Malachi may have said that , at least it looks that way to me
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Wow and I thought 8 cats were a lot Of course. Amber is getting BIG and she can count as 2 or 3....
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Fabulous pictures!!! I bet feeding time at your house is a riot, it's mad enough with 3 cats!!!
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I think if Amber is all grown up , she may count as 20 cats lol .

Thank you all so much
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Wow, what neat pics. Feeding time looks like a busy and fun time!!
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Wow that's a lot of cats! Do they ever fight over the food?
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I see they all have great table manners.
Ours sit in a line quietly waiting for a bit of green bean or (their favorite) peas to come their way! Phoebe and Sadie are still teaching Baby what to do. Our table is large and they sit at one end waiting. The front kitty is "King of the Hill". I will try to get a pic of this ritual.
What is the strangest food your kitties have eaten? My Baby likes bananas! I had a wonderful female Siamese who loved olives. She would not eat the pimento. They all seem to have a sweet tooth.
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Thanks guys

They only may fight a little over Turkey meat , is their favored lol . Like we would not know . I feed on the table so my dog wont eat all the cat food , or I would feed them on the floor . Mine are some how spoilt , they don't eat veggie . The only thing they may like is mashed potatoes with gravy They only get that if my hubby don't put up his plate lol
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Hedi, Amber is a handful already and she is at 13 1/2 pounds. I can't wait to see what she will be like at 30 or 40 She is a lot of work, but we love it.
As for strange foods, one of our Pixie Bobs Loves peanut butter and Cheetos. I have another that likes pretzels.
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Oh yeah , the good old pretzles lol . Moses like them too
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Wow Hedi do you really have 16 cats?

The most odd foods: (1) spinach (2) breakfast danish (very very little of both course)
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I only wish my hubby would let me have that many fur babies!!
You are so lucky...and they are all so beautiful!
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c1atsite I have 19 insite cats and 5 outsite cats
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What neat pics, Hedi -- thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for posting the pictures of your bunch. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that I am not the only person with that many pets.

3 Cats, 11 birds.
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LOL--this is just one of the reason I can't imagine having more than 3 or 4. I have enough troubles with just 2!!!!!!
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Thanks guys .

TTMom , there are many people who would not do that .

I know a lot of people who think I am crazy , but I really don't care about them . I have to live my life for myself . At least I know I save a few animals from death and some I give a 2nd change in life . And that is all what counts to me .
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great pics!!!!
no way would my 7 cats eat that close together, well not the girls anyway...there'd be definate hissing and smacking!!!!
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Thank you Stormy

I have to say , mine are pretty good with each other . Not a hole lot of fighting is going on . Some always do fight a little . Malachi is always after Thailee , Thailee is after Mellisa but nothing serious and only more screeming then fighting lol .
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