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Bladder Stones

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Will I took Popie to the vet today. He has more bladder stones. The vet open him up,yes he was pug. He had his last surgery last April. He make have to have another one.I told the vet if he has anymore trouble lets do surgery again. He told me to put all my cats on KD and they would live another 5 years longer. I dont fed my cats cheap food either. I use Iams and CD dry.He also has 2 stones in his kindeys, the other stones are floating around in his bladder. The vet is hoping what he did to day he will past them.i need all the help I can get on this subject.
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I posted in another thread in Health and Nutrition about bladder stones with a few links to information.

One was to a site where the procedure was explained with photographs. Other than that, I wasn't able to find any more information.

I'm not sure if you noticed the links or not when you posted in that thread.

Urethra Stone thread
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The only advice I can give is to make sure the vet analyzes the stones - I believe there are 2 types (struvite and oxalate), and the diet recommendations differ by type.
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