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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

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Got a question for ya. You know how I mentioned I was overseeing an introduction process for a client between her old cat and her new one? Well, the cat I normally sit for has been pouting and hiding under the bed in the upstairs bedroom. She will not come out for me and I don't dare try and pick her up as she is quite crabby about the newcomer.

My question is: the "normal" intro of swapping a blanket under the door/with food bowls on top isn't working, (The resident cat wouldn't eat so I put her food bowls back where they were). Now I AM swapping a towel by placing it under the old cat's food bowls first, then a day later putting it in the other room under the new cat's bowls. I also put the new cat in the carrier and placed it on the floor near the bed (where the old cat is sulking). The old cat did some growling and hissing but the new cat didn't hiss back. Is this intro making progress? Would you let the two out together in about a week's time? I think it is going well considering I can't touch the older kitty. Well, I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

P.S I know all about the links to introducing new cats, but these are not my cats and I am not at the house 24/7 plus, the resident cat won't let me touch her and she won't come out while I am there. She normally does though.
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I just see this thread sorry .

Merry Christmast to you and your family .

I thing the resident cat is hiding now due to the new cat and has nothing to do with you . To bad she'he is not comming out , you could place some vanilla extract on both of them so they smell alike . I would not force the original cat out , I think she fell threadening right now . I would only let the other cat out while you there and place her back in to the room when you leave so no big fight will start while nobody is there .Good luck with both .
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