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Meaning behind your username

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I don't know if this been done before though I looked but still you never know. If so I am sorry...

But anyway what is the meaning behind your username?

Mine is Japanese for Alley Cat... Neko meaning Cat. If you are an anime fan neko is used to a lot on anime websites and also in kind of a fetish fan favorite lol... But I love the term Neko but I figured I use the term Alley Cat because I am like one in some ways.
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Here's a link
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I'm not on that other list. TTMom is short for Toes' and Tailer's Mom. They are my babies so I'm their Mom.
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oava, is used because every time I pick my name Ava its already used I wish now I had put a little more thought into it.
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Here's another link to a thread like this (I ironicly started that thread!)....

BTW, I came with my handle quite easily. It's my nickname & I think I go by that more than I do my real name!
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My dad used to call me Sweet when I was growing up...and my lifepartner still calls me Sweets. So this was an easy choice.
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My nickname sounds aloof and icy cold but it's a declaration of love.

a_Loveless_geM is an anagram of Mags loves Lee. Lee being my fiancee.

I had to hide the fact that I was with him from my parents and this was a way that I felt I could say that I loved him without catching the wrath of my parents. But in the end I told them anyway and dealt with the consequences.
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Yayi is my nickname.
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I picked mine because well, I'm sure you get the idea. I have 2 kitties, and they just about do anything to get your attention. Haha!
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My username, "Gareth", is Welsh for, umm, Gareth.

I never claimed to be imaginative
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jcat comes from my cat's name, Jamie Cat, which I shorten to JC here.
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chelle is my nickname
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One of my friends boyfriend couldn't remember my original nickname so he called me twiggy. I added lynn for my middle name.
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My username is the name of my best friend, Pollýanna, who also happens to be my kitty. We have a special bond, so when I signed up here and had to make up a usename, I didn´t even have to think about what it would be.
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georgiagirl8 is the first username I started using. I am a girl from Georgia & the number 8 has no meaning. Since I signed up at this web site, I put more thought into it. On most boards, I am angelgirl494. That one came from the show "Touched by an Angel" (for watchers, that is what Tess called Monica). Since I have been called both angel girl and an angel on earth I just kind of kept it. And there are 4 letters in my first name, 9 in my middle name, and 4 in my last name.
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Lynx is a pretty self explanatory name, but it's one I've used as a handle for online gaming for a few years now. Sometimes I have to mutilate the spelling (Lynkz) but I got lucky here!
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Well...once upon a time, I had only 10 cats...
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It's great to know where all these names come from.

BentAminal is a cross between Bentley's name(we named him Bentley because of his tail and before we knew he was abused) and my stage name as a drummer... Aminal.
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I'd like to know how Sicy pronounces her name, as in my mind it alternates between "sicky" and "sissy"
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My cat's name is Charlotte. Sometimes I call her Miss Charlotte. I call her that when she's getting into trouble.
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Originally posted by Lynx
Lynx is a pretty self explanatory name, but it's one I've used as a handle for online gaming for a few years now. Sometimes I have to mutilate the spelling (Lynkz) but I got lucky here!
Thats exactly how I got mine. I also go by other large cat names just to keep it interesting...

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