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They're like vultures

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Everytime I feed my cats I feed them one small hanful of food each every night at about the same time. Tigger, if given the chance, will take all day to eat hers but the other guys eat theirs all at once and then go hungry for the rest of the day. They start knocking things down and crying and plain being pests until I feed them more.

Am I not feeding them enough? I used to free-feed but they got so fat so I stopped doing that. Should I be feeding them more times a day? They all eat so differently. Tigger stays in the bedroom with us at night with some food and she takes all night to eat it.

any input would be great,
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You are only feeding once at night? You should be feeding at least 3 times a day, leaving the food down for 25 minutes and then taking it up, or even free-feeding small amounts during the day.
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I had one small bowl for both kitties and I'd fill it up each morning and then put a little in it at night. The food would last most of the day and neither of them got too big.
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I put down a 12-oz can of food, each morning and, when that is gone, another one. This seems to be adequate for my crew. Nobody is fat and nobody seems to be malnourished.
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All my kitties are free feed, I love plump kitties!
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I like plump kitties too, but it's so unhealthy that we put them on a diet. We don't free feed anymore but we give them a small bowl of food at night each and then in the mornings I'll give them a few treats each. If this isn't enough then I'll start feeding them more but Roo was starting to lose weight...

So Hissy, one cup each three times a day or how much do you advise??
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Tamme, there are usually feeding guidelines on the bag of food. In general, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup in the morning then again at night is sufficient (so 1/2 or 1 cup total, depending on the size of the cat and the desired weight loss). Of course, it's always a good idea to work out a diet plan with the vet.

Also, for those kitties that just love to eat frequently, you could feed the same overall amount but offer it in smaller doses; this gives them the illusion that they are eating more.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
All my kitties are free feed, I love plump kitties!
I too free feed my cats, there not over weight yet. They seem to eat only when there hungry. there both 7 yrs old.
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mine are slightly overweight so I give them once in the morning and once in the night.. during the day, i dun leave any dry food for them and seeing no food, they just go to sleep... it keeps their weight down and they know that they only can eat at certain times...
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Frantic is a big lean cat, but Pipsqueek is a butterball. My vet told me to check the guidelines on the food package and feed according to that. She said to put the food down and take it back in 15 minutes. But since I'm not home all day, I leave the morning food down all day and give them less at night. Pip likes to graze at night. I'm an insomniac so while I'm wandering the house, he goes into the kitchen and eats a few kibbles, then comes and joins me
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I'm not an expert on the subject, but I feed my cats wet food twice daily (when I get up and before I go to bed) - they share 1/2 can of Fancy Feast (so basically each get one can daily). I also give them approx. 1 cup each of dry food to graze on at will, and lots of fresh water.

Molly is thin, always has been, always will be. . . . and eats a lot!
George was plump (that way when I got him). . . was a compulsive eater (ate when he was nervous which was frequent!).
Morrell (also a bit overweight - probably from being confined for so long at the shelter), also likes to eat. . . primarily out of competition with Molly, but doesn't usually finish his food. . . goes back every now and then).
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