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Discrimination of cat because of its color!

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I found this link to the article in English in the CWSI newsletter. Basically, owners of a cat were asked to keep it indoors only because the cat is black and this scares some of the neighbors!! How stupid can people get?!?!
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I thought that old superstition had died out, after the Middle Ages! Since the cat is black, maybe Johnnie Cochran and Jesse Jackson will take its case
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Supersitions is not dead. Black cats are oftentimes harder to find homes for. Even though people may not truly believe the superstitions, they still have it in the back of their minds. After my first black cat I found this out - I now have 3 of the black beauties. I don't care if my neighbors think I am a witch.
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That is ridiculous! Honestly, though, I do not the submitted picture helped its case. It looked pretty wild.
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Imagine how hard it is being a witch and coincidentally having a black cat
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Some of the best cats, that I ever had, were black. Scamp was a big, longhaired slob, who spent most of his time flat on his back, waiting for someone to rub his belly and Shadow was a lover-boy.

When I found Buddy, I was looking for a black cat. Oh well, he's MOSTLY black!
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Melissa, I can imagine it pretty easily.
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Unfortunately, this doesn't surprise me at all. Black cats (and dogs, too) always seem to be the last ones adopted. What might help is if a major pet food manufacturer would start using a black cat in its advertising, or if a hit movie featured a black cat - then there'd be a "run" on black cats.
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Black cats are my favorite ones...I guess you couldn't have guessed that All of my animals are black or shades of grey with black. Even my Alaskan Malamute mixed breed is a charcol grey with white....go fiqure

That picture did not do that cat justice he looked very frightened by the person taking the photo, so that isn't a fair reprenstation of the cat The superstition of black cats to me is really moronic IMO.
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Originally posted by katl8e
I thought that old superstition had died out, after the Middle Ages! Since the cat is black, maybe Johnnie Cochran and Jesse Jackson will take its case
I wasn't going to say anything, because I don't share your distaste of Jesse Jackson. This comment isn't exactly p.c, but - Cochran, as far as I'm concerned, is just as racist as he's accused Fuhrman, among others, of being. He has, throughout his career, tried to prove that the LAPD is racist. That may be true in the case of particular officers, but Cochran appears to represent the position that any black defendant is the victim of racism, and that racism pervades the entire US justice system. That, to me, is racism. I couldn't possibly serve as a juror on any case where Cochran was the defense attorney, because Cochran's history would preclude my being totally objective. He may be a very smart and intelligent attorney, but the stance he has taken in most of his cases precludes my taking his statements as "the Gospel truth".
Racism works both ways, and, IMO, Cochran fits the definition of a racist attorney. My anger is such that I, as a "true crime fan", only bought, and read, his book about the Simpson case after finding it in a Goodwill shop, and I discarded it as trash after reading it.
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I sent the link to an English friend, and got his reply today, "Consider the source - Faux News!"
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The Morgansterns have my support!
I think they will win. They have 3 other cats and they weren't ordered to stay indoors. Geez, a cat is a cat no matter what color it is.
Does anybody out there know the root of the superstition about black cats being bad luck? That's so stupid!
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I went looking for the origins of the supersition, and found quite a few related to cats:
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I recently had a black female foster about 6 months old that I was afraid wouldn't get adopted because of this superstition. When a woman and her daughter came into the adoption center 2 hours after Billie arrived, they put in an application for her and took her home the following week.

I was so amazed that I asked the president what was up with Billie, as I expected that she would be terribly hard to adopt since she was black. She said that typically, kids (mostly girls) between about 12 and 15 immediately go for the black cats, and it was rare when anyone else even looked at them. She too was surprised but as luck would have it, the girl's cat was killed by a dog the day before and her mom wanted her to have another cat (and keep it indoors this time). And Billie, being the first time at the adoption center, reached thru the bars of the cage for everyone that came by (she got their attention).

I have no clue why this superstition still exists. Perhaps its that people harm black cats at Halloween (I had one disappear on me a few days before Halloween many years ago). I think it's just plain stupidity on the part of the uneducated public (IMO).

Black cats are just so cool! My greatest loverboy in the house is Muddy - a medium haired black cat.
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I dated someone who disliked orange cats. I love them, I think they're great, especially orange and white kitties. We were picking out a kitten and I pointed at the orange one and he was having none of that. He also thinks that red-headed women are unattractive and "gross." Well we don't date anymore anyways, but I always thought that was odd.

I don't know if anyone mentioned this because I only skimmed the responses, but the Humane Society (at least in Canada) doesn't allow the adoption of black cats around the week of Halloween. Apparently too many are either abused or just used for a gag.
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Talon, those sites were interesting. I can add to the "superstitions". About ten years ago we bought a 15th century half-timbered house, and my husband and father-in-law gutted and completely remodeled it. While ripping out a ceiling, my husband found the skeleton of what looked like a cat, which disintegrated after being exposed to the air. We thought a cat had accidentally gotten walled in, until we talked to a local historian (we were trying to find out a bit about the house's history, particularly after we learned that it was built on a cemetery). When my husband mentioned the cat, the guy told us it was a common practice in the Middle Ages to wall a cat up alive when building, to ward off evil. He showed us some literature about it.
Lynx, in some cultures redheads are considered witches. Maybe your ex-boyfriend had transferred that belief to red cats.
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My aunt was mortified when I came home with a black cat. She HATES them (She has a cat and dog of her own)! The superstition is that if you cross a black cat's path you will have bad luck. If she sees a black cat cross the street in front of her she will stop and turn around. She will go out of her way 10 blocks if it means not crossing the path. She hardly ever comes over to visit me since I got the cat. My mom doesn't care for black cats either, but at least she visits and pets the cat. She lets the cat sit on her lap. This black cat is the friendliest cat I have ever had. I got her from the Humane societly when she was one year old. A pair of black cats got adopted the same day that I was there, but yes, they are usually the last to go, that is why I picked a black one.
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I really do have bad luck with solid black cats.
We were going to adopt a black kitty from the ASPCA, the day we were picking him up a dog we were going to rescue went into seizures (spellings?) and we could get the kitty.
Next black kitty I was supposed to get some one else took it!
Then there was isadora that we had for two weeks and she passed away because of liver failure.
Then one of bonnies kittens was black and he only lived to be a weekold!
So needless to say I shy away from black cats now, unless they have the white "safty" spot like sebastian! I know it is silly but all I ever wanted we an all black cat but something bad always happens to make me not have one .

Back to this thread, that pic they showed of the kitty is rather scary, I don't care what color it is!
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That's silly I don't care about superstitions, all colors of cats are good with me!
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When I volunteered at the shelter we would always put a hold on black cats the weeks just before Halloween. People could place a deposit and pick up the animal after the day had passed. Talking with quite a Normally it seemed that the black were adopted about as often as tabbies, bi-colors, etc. Siamese and some of the fancier cats had a higher adoption rate. The tortoise shell (torti) cats seemed to have the lowest adoption rate. Since they are among my favorites I personally never understood this (we have 3 torties, one solid black, and one solid white among our eight.)

By the way, because of the broken pattern the torti is actually harder to see in the dark than is a solid black cat.

The picture in the article looks to me like it's been retouched. Does anyone else get that impression?

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I have a book called "The Dictionary of Omens & Superstitions" compiled by Philippa Waring. Its a very good book, any way this is what it says about Black cats.

"Perhaps the most famous of all superstitions is the belief that a black cat crossing your path will ensure good luck. Indeed so widespread and firmly held is this tradtion that there are many instances in history wher people have pampered black cats to an amazing degree so that misfortune should never attend them. Apart from crossing in front of you, it is also said that a black cat walking into your house will bring good luck and natually to kill one is extremely unlucky. The animal is said to have curative powers, too and some blood from its tail will cure many minor illnesses if rubbed on the affected part. In many primitive areas of the world the black cat has been used in special rituals to appease the gods, though it is never killed. Not surprizingly we find that it became much sought after and changed hands for large sums of money. It is always stressed by those with most implicit faith in the black cats powers that it must be totally black, that even a fleck or hair of white disqualifies it. The origin of this superstition dates back to the ancient Egyptians who greatly revered cats in general, one of there most important Goddesses being Bast, a black female cat."

Theres also a passage on cats in general but its almost twice as long and my fingers are getting sore

IMHO the reason black cats are considered bad luck is taken back to the days when you early americans held witch trials.\t:witch:
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I believe the superstition dates back to the witch hunts in Continental Europe.
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