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My 5 yo neutered siamese recently started spraying (completely new behaviour), so off to the vet we went. His test results came back positive for a UTI, so he is now on amoxitabs (fun fun!)

I am concerned that the two spray spots I discovered may become permanent fixations for him as I can't seem to get rid of the stink! I don't allow him in the bathroom any more, the bed that he sprayed is in "his" room, so I didn't want to add to his stress by removing him from it. He has only sprayed there once that I have noticed and the protective measures seem to have stopped him (it's only been a day and the poor thing is not urinating much, although he keeps going half in his litterbox and then running back out, he did go this morning, YAY!).

Additionally, we acquired a kitten in September; they are segregated at this time but play together when I am home. I don't think the spraying is territorial, but he has displayed territorial tendencies all his life (never expressed by spraying, though) so I am afraid it may become part of his repertoire.

The remaining smell is faint to me, but to him I am afraid it will be like a beacon even after he regains his health. Am I worrying needlessly - will this behaviour stop once he is back to normal even if he has temptation?

Any additional cleaning ides would be appreciated! The two spots are:

1. Wood bathroom cabinet that the spray seeped into some crevices, also dripped on the tile and the tile remains stinky, despite many treatments with Drs. Foster and Smith's cat-tergent. Any suggestions on how to treat this area? The toe kick under the cabinet seems to be the most stinky.

2. Box spring/dust ruffle/carpet - box spring and carpet are treated with cat-tergent and then sprayed with Super Citrus (he tried to eat the orange peels I put around the area to repel him), carpet is covered with newspaper and box spring is guarded with foil. Dust ruffle was machine washed/tumble dried. All bedding has been washed. This area doesn't have much smell (other than orange) to me, but I think there is still a trace.

Please help! The spraying is driving me mad!
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If you can't break down the urine with an enzyme cleaner, the cat will return to the same spot every three days to refresh it. You need NO TOX or Nature's Miracle or one of the other enzyme cleaners. He is marking his territory for the new kittie to be warned that he was there first. Vodka works really well too-
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Ugh, my fears have been realized, so even though he wasn't a sprayer to begin with this UTI may bring this trait out in him --eeek!

I'll try the vodka - that's to drink, right? Actually, how would I use it - dab it on the area, let it dry and then sponge it up?

Thanks Hissy - you're always a great resource!
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