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Christmas Eve DT

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I've been up, since 4:30 and I have a HUGE list of things to do. First of all, I'm going to stuff Rowdy into a Christmas stocking, head first and hang her from a hook in the ceiling. Every time that I am in another room, she attacks the tree. So far, this morning, I have replaced two branches and at least a dozen ornaments.

Buddy and Opie have been absolute angels. Opie has been nestled up against "his" heating vent and Buddy has been at the back window, teasing the dogs. No trouble, there.

In addition to my list, I have a "honey-do" list for Bill. He has to wrestle the card table out of the shed and clear his beer out of the fridge. I need that space, for the deli trays.

Going to work, on Friday, will be a relief - I can get some rest!

Have a good Christmas, all!
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Well it's Christmas Eve here too. One hour and 15 minutes and it'll be Christmas. On my way to bed.

I hope no one gets worn out in the preparations. You need the energy to enjoy Christmas and perhaps in that big tidy up afterwards.

Be happy and stay safe.
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Already did the food shopping, at 7 AM! I had been up since 4 with a splittiing headache and finally took out the contact lenses (I wear disposables, so I sleep with them in). Headache went away shortly thereafter. But I hate my glasses, I can't see as well with them as I do with contacts. The eye dr explained it has something to do with the distance of the lens from my eye; w/contacts, there is no distance so there is no distortion. I've worn contacts consistently for 21 yrs now so when I do wear glasses, it is VERY noticeable that there is a distance between my eyes and the lens.


Need to run to Trader Joe's and finish the food shopping, do laundry, go to the SPCA to update Petfinder...
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We have been invited to a friends house for dinner tonight so cool!

Its christmas over in Kiwiland so we will be seeing my family unwrap presents via webcame.

Have a good day all.
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We're heading to the airport in about 3 hours, then off to Denver. We are fortunate that we have no last minute things to do other than pack and prep the cats.....and the good thing is that we will not have to do any food prep on the other end (friend is a chef and has insisted that she cook for us all weekend).

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with family, good friends, lots of cool presents and lots of yummy food.
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My kids have been bouncing off the walls all morning long
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Have only been up since 7:30 a.m., still have a little wrapping to do, but have to close the store for the holidays around 1:00 before I can go home and finish that. Get to pick up my gift from my mom and dad to me before I go home too, they had my sewing machine fixed, and its waiting at the shop for me to pick it up ! YAY ! We have to be at my grandfathers' house tonight at 5:00 for supper and gift time with him, then over to my mom and dad's for gift exchange with them. Then back home with nothing specific to do until work time Friday morning !

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas !
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Well It's Christmas morning stayed up till 3am watching "The Mask" on TV.. Darn I love that movie!

No one else here is awake so I guess I'll have to wait to open my presents.

Merry christmas everyone!

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Hi guys! It's 1 p.m. Christmas eve. 11 hours to go before Christmas. I've got all my shopping done and now it's just trying to manage family into my work scheduele. I work 3-10 every day so our christmas' are at noon. I find I'm not as excited about christmas this year as I was last year. This year we put the tree up and the lights and the angel on top...that's it. no decorations other than that. Just didn't feel like putting up more I guess. Darrell and I have opened a few gifts already, it's so hard not too. He bought me a gold bracelet and "The league of extraordinary gentlemen" DVD and hair clips, so far. and he got cologne and a gameboy advance so far from me.

ok well talk to y'all soon.
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Woo-hoo! I'm done, for the day! Money for the kids, deli trays in the fridge, kitchen floor mopped and a few last-minute things bought and put away.

I realized that Bill and I did not have six matching drinking glasses. Thank goodness, for the Greenback Dollar store. With the set of flatware, that I bought last year, we can now serve a civilized meal.

There has even been time to make prints of the new baby pix for Mom.

Sweeping and mopping the kitchen got me WAY more help, than I needed. Not one but TWO cats attacking the broom and Buddy playing in the mop bucket. Buddy was also annoyed, that I put the food bowl up on a counter. Of course, he COULD have jumped up there, if he was THAT hungry.

The only thing left to do, is put the clean sheets on our bed. I'm going to let Bill help, with that.
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