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The best Christmas present of all..

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I got to see my grandchildren the other day My oldest grandchild,Taylor,told me she already had the best present in the world for Christmas. Curious,I asked what it was.

She told me that seeing me was the best present that she could get I teared up grabbed her and hugged her so tight I think I just about popped the poor baby's eyes out and had a good cry on her shoulders. Since the incident with my daughter I haven't seen them very much at all. I miss them.

I got an interesting call last night from my daughter, she has invited us over to exchange gifts for the kids. We talked about 30 minutes which is something we haven't done since the blow up. I hope all goes well when we go to her house Wish me luck everyone! I may need it.
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I am really thrilled for you chuck and I only hope that your christmas is incredible and full of new memories that will be so thick that you wont be able to brush them away for years to come.

It seems that something is in the air - I dropped a card round and pressie to my mothers house - have not seen her since my stepfathers death. I hoped to put the card through the door and drive away with the gift in a bag on the door sill.

She caught me and two hours later after talking and crying over my stepfather, I left happy that I had seen her.

What ever it is out there - the magic of christmas, I hope each and every one experiences it even if in some small way.
Just going out to feed the birds now - give them a christmas treat.
Best wishes and I hope that the relationship for you goes from strength to strength and stronger by the day. Best news I have had all day is yours.
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That's great news from the both of you.

I dunno but I have to agree, something is definitely in the air. Although plans fell through with Christmas dinner with my dad, there was no animosity even though I was late in the inviting part of things. I wish I hadn't been so busy with everything.

But we have agreed to have a dinner another time, hopefully soon after the holidays.
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That's great news Cathi! I hope all goes well. Good for your daughter for taking that step! It took her a lot of humility and humbleness. to do that so she must be very serious about mending your relationship.

I know how it is to miss your grand babies. I haven't seen mine in 28 months (they're 1875 miles away). I talk to them on the phone but it just isn't the same.
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Cathi that was special about your grandbabies but I rekon it's special as well that your daughters trying to work out the relation ship between you. Good luck.
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I've just seen this thread...Cathi, what lovely news. And the meeting? How was it to be together? I've got everything crossed, hoping it went well...
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OMG! Cathi! This is so great that your daughter talked to you. I know you miss her and love her and I hope that you two can work out everything. Let us know how everything goes....
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Ken and I went over to her house about 7 pm on Christmas day. I had already told Ken that if things get a little harry then we would get up and leave so there wouldn't be any confrontation between my daughter and myself.

Everything went well, there were a few moments that I felt really awkard there, but being with the kids helped that. We didn't stay a long time but it was great to see the children and yes my daughter too. My daughter and I were civil to each other so that is a start there I was really happy to see the grandkids I have missed them so much and the only way I have been able to see them is through my sister, KittyWarden(Bless Her),who has been babysitting for my daughter. I hated the fact that I had to sneak around to see them but was willing to do that just so I could.

The next day I got up and went shopping so I could catch some of the good sales. I ran into my daughter and her S/O. There again we talked and she helped me to pick out some jeans that looked good on me. It was almost like old times for us There are still the unspoken words that eventually we will have to say to each other but for now I am okay with the way things are. I still hear her saying that she "hates me" running through my head and that is one reason I am so uneasy around her right now. I know this and am trying to work past it. But all in all it was a Wonderful Christmas
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That's terrific!
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Wonderful news Cathi!! I bet they were just as happy to see their Grandma!

I'm sure your daughter does not hate you. Like you said you are taking things slow with all of this and that is probably good for both of you. I wish you the best of luck during this difficult time. It will all get better with time.
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I am SOOOOOOO happy to hear these developments, Cathi. I think you are playing it exactly right -- not easy, but the foundation of civility that is forming will help when it comes to the point where you need to deal with the nitty-gritty. I am so happy you've been able to spend time with your grandkids, and to be with your daughter without the animosity of the blowup.
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I am so very glad to hear that you got some time to spend with your grandchildren for Christmas!!! That is wonderful!!! I know how happy that must have made you! I am also glad to hear things didn't go too bad between you and your daughter...it sounds like she wants things to work out as much as you do. I pray that soon you will be able to mend all fences with her and things will be back the way they used to be. *Hugs*
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