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Our D.T. for friday

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it's friday!

man, I love the weekend. I'm driving to westpoint to see my boyfriend. I didn't see him last weekend, so I'm really looking forward to it.

it's been a busy week & I'm exhausted.

we may see planet of the apes this weekend. my expectations are low, so I shouldn't be disapointed.

everyone have fun at the cat show this weekend.

good luck moo-shoo!

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Sounds like you're going to have a fun weekend, Airprincess! I've heard Planet of the Apes is good, so hopefully you'll not be disappointed.

Today the kids and I are going to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. They're very excited to say the least. I'm going to try to make it to the gym this afternoon. I've got to lose the 5 pounds I gained last weekend at my parents house.

Not much going on this weekend. No plans on Saturday, and Sundays are pretty much taken up with church and bible study.
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My son and I went to see Planet of the Apes and it's good. We really enjoyed it.At first i thought it would be a poor imitation of the first ones which were awesome but it stood on its own and they didnt try and do a poor repeat. Enjoy! It's a great escape from reality.

Dawn enjoy the party. My kids used to go to Chucky Cheese. I hope your nerves are better than mine. I found it kind of crazy in there.

My day will be spent cleaning up for the weekend. We slept in and my son missed going to do his volunteer job at the zoo so we are off to a great start. As a matter of fact he is still sleeping. Teenagers!

Other than that hope you all have a great weekend.
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Elinor - I'm really looking forward to the days when my kids oversleep. They've always been such morning people, and I am not, to say the least. My little guy (2 and a half) was up at 5:50 am today. It was still dark!
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Awww I bet he is a sweetheart. My son Mathew was such a sweet little man. Yes he too used to get up at the worst times, like 5 am and earlier on occasions like XMas.Now I cant drag him out of bed. They grow up so fast.
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TGIF - I think! I am on call this weekend for Child Protective Services - so if everyone in Washington County can keep their hands off each other, it should be a good weekend. Am hoping to trap the two remaining feral kittens I am always yammering about.....
My son's girlfriend's sister is getting married so he is going to that - Sr. Pics were yesterday. I too remember when he used to get up before noon!! Seems like only yesterday - kids grow up too fast.
I hope everyone doing the cat shows has great success and most of all some fun. Safe traveling.
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