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Prayers needed for a friends cat

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If you can spare any prayers/good vibes or thoughts I would really appreciate it.

My friend Tammi has a cat named Snowball. Snowball got out a few days ago (last Thursday) and got ran over...Tammi called me a couple days ago and told me that she finally found Snowball huddled under the porch and took her to the vet because she could tell she had been hit.

Snowball had to have one leg amputated. But that wasn't all...the vet said that Snowball had a mild case of Pnemonia as well and that she also had fractures that wouldn't stop bleeding and blood clots and they are having trouble getting her body temperature goes up and down... so Snowballs condition is iffy right now. Please say a prayer for her.

When Tammi told me about Snowballs condition tonight I promised her that I knew alot of people who would send up prayers for Snowball and that I would post about it here. Tammi loves this cat and even though she is unemployed like I am (we both worked at the factory that closed) she is willing to spend whatever it takes to get Snowball back to good health.
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I am sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers for Snowball and for your friend, Debby.
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Sending out **healing vibes and energy** to Tammi and Snowball.

I hope good news is received by them soon.
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I'm sending Snowball lots of get well vibes...hope she gets well soon...
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My gosh - loads of good wishes for poor little Snowball and bucketloads of strength to your friend Debby - what a horrible thing for both of them to be going through.
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OMG how aweful .

I will pray for Snowball for healing and strengh for him . I also will pray for your friend Tammi for peace of mind , comfort and a new good paying job for her and for the money issue with the vet bill
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I am sending Snowball and Tammi prayers for a swift and complete recovery.
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Hugs and prayers for snowball
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I will keep this poor kitty in my prayers.
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Sendings bunches of board magic to Snowball. Hope the little girl gets better soon.
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I'm sending mega healing vibes, thoughts & prayers to Snowball and her/his family!
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I just saw this. Big vibes coming from San Diego. Warm fuzzies and everything else I can think of.
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Thanks to those of you who posted. Snowball didn't make it. But Tammi said to tell you all thank you for thinking of them and for your prayers.
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Oh noooo . I am so sorry , may he RIP
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Tammi said that when she asked her husband to please go and pick up Snowball at the vets, he said, "Well that can be your Christmas present then" (it was Christmas day and he thought she had spent an awful lot of money on the cat...but he wasn't being mean, he thought the cat was just coming home) and she said..."Dave...she's dead" and her hubby felt so bad then for saying that.
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OMG , I am sure he did . But he did not know the cat was dead , bless both heart . I sure feel for her pain she is going through right now .
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Thank you...she will appreciate that.
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