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Cupid's home!

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Finally!!! I'm soooo happy.

I put some sweaters on him and he didn't mind at all. He acts like they're not even on him.

I'm not that great at taking pictures.
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I just read your thread in the Breeder's Corner and then zoomed on in here hoping for pictures!

He's ADORABLE!!! And that's coming from someone who normally shirks at hairless kitties. I think I'm a convert!

I just wanna hug him to bits! He's so small!!
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A convert! That's the best compliment ever.
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He's too cuuuute! I love the white triangle point on his nose lying symetrical with the darker triangular mark on his forhead -coming to point at each other.

Those sweaters are too much! They fit him perfectly. Did you make them or buy them?

Anyways, I'm very glad for you that all the drama is out of the way and now you can sit back and relax for the holidays with your little baby!
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He's so gorgeous. I am so happy that he is home. I look forward to seeing more pictures of this cutie.
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OMG he is gorgeous (druling) awwwwwww and soooooooooo cute . Those sweaters are to cute on him . I think I am in .

Those pics are great , more pics please
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He is so cute. I love the sweaters. Give him a kiss from me
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I'm a convert too! I have to admit I never saw why people would want a cat that is not fuzzy, but he is ADORABLE!!!!
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Cupid is absolutely beautiful, i must admit i've never really seen Sphynx cats properly, but he is soooo gorgeous and cute!

Just out of interest, what does his skin feel like? does he like to be stroked like a normal hairy cat??

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Awwww....look at the little guy!! Great pics!

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He's just adorable. No wonder you fell in love with him, the way you did. I'm so happy you finally got him. Merry Christmas to you, Cupid and the rest of your family.
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Oh my! I thought a cat had to have fur to be cute. He is gorgeous. I bet they do not like winter weather as we have here in Indiana.
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Yeah Cupid's home
He is so cute in his little sweater, give him a few scratches for me......I know you are so excited!
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I love the way his head looks like he has braids! I don't know if it's coloring or skin wrinkles, but he's cuter than the dickens!
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He feels like a warm peach. He likes to be rubbed rather than pet.

I made his sweaters... out of socks! I just cut off the toes and cut holes in the bottom for his feeties. They fit him better then any doggy sweater I've seen! They're long & straight. They'll fit him when he gets older too b/c they're super stretchy.

I was replying to a PM and Cupid kept jumping on the keyboard. I didn't know it until I looked in "sent messages" but he must have stepped on enter when I had them open b/c she ended up getting a bunch of blank replies.

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OMG how funny . I am sure the person who you pm back will understand it lol . I think it is a great idea with the cuting the socks to fit Cubid as a sweater . He sure looks really cute in it . It sounds to me you have a lot of fun with your new baby and sure looks that way too .

You can post a pic from Cubid any time ....hint
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Awww... Cupid is adorable and I love the sweaters!
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Awwww, he's getting acquainted with TCS.
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Cupid is gorgeous..and don't put your photo taking ability down, these are charming! I particularly like his face, his eyes are bright and alert, there is an intelligence and curiosity there that fortells much mischief and a great cat, I think

All it took for me to appreciate a sphynx was touching one very warm and suede-like!

Back in the '80's when I was first showing Curls, we used to be benched in what one sphyx breeder called "mutant row", Curls and Sphynx were nbc (new breed or color, not championship class) at the same time

Enjoy your kitten, he seems to know very well that he is home,
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He's a cutie!!!
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I <3 Cupid too!!! How old is he? Where can I get a Cupid?!
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more photos! more photos! more photos!
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