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Hello Cat/ Kitten fans I myself am an owner of four cats... Well two kittens and two large cats all boys. I also have one dog and 5 hamsters as well. Awww but anyway my family been raising cats for years and so happens we are lucky enough to on four. We treat them well and they live clean happy lives. The two kittens are polydacnal (sp?) and they are black and white. There named are Carlton and Carter. And we have two tabby cats named Giz and Moe. Moe is fat and big with long orange hair and Giz is thiner with white short hair. I love my animals so much.

My name is nicole and hope to see you around!
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Nicole, welcome to you and your kitties to the site
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Welcome Nicole to you and all your animals , I hope you enjoy your stay .
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Hey, Hello.. Welcome Nicole.
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Welcome to TCS to you and all your family, dogs and hamsters included.
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Thank you!
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HELLO, Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the site! You know, in some cultures polydactyls are considered good luck.
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