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Safety Cat Collar

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Dori loves to wear collars, she has a different one for every holiday. I am wondering how necessary it is to have a collar that is a "safety collar" for her??? All of the ones she has so far have been, but I just placed a bid for a nice collar on ebay, but I just realized it isn't elastic or breakaway. She has never had a collar caught before (she stays inside), but I don't want to risk her strangling the first time she gets caught..... What do you all think?
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most cat collars have a safty feature. Wrap collars come off if they get caught, good "jewelery" fancy collars should have magnetic clasps or another safty feature, leather collars normally have an elastic insert that will make them safer. Check with the ebay seller and see if the collar has a safty feature. Most cat collars do, it is pretty important since cats jump and climb and squeeze themselves into places.
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I have 6 indoor only cats that haven't been caught on anything. Some occasionally like to take off their collars and it can be a nuisance. I would not put anything around a cat's neck that it can't get out of in a jam. The possibility of them choking to death, no matter how remote, isn't worth it.
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Leo has gotten into some sticky situations where he has gotten caught between the blinds and luckily his collar with a safety collar has come off. There are times when I have been home to see him caught and have helped him get out of the jam. There have been other times when I have come home from work and I see him without his collar on. I am relieved that he is ok and that the collar came off when I wasnt around to help him. IMO every cat owner(who decides to put collars on their cats) should get these saftey collars.
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I agree! I wish these collars would come in a wider variety of colors/styles. I don't particular care for the ones with elastic, as they have broken easily on my rough and tumble cats. I haven't tried them with velcro, but I am not sure how they would hold up either. Right now I am sticking with the snap kind. They don't come off in regular cat play (but will if it gets too rouch), but will come off if the cats is really in a jam. So far two of my cats that go out at times: 1 has lost his once, the other has come home .... about 5 times without hers. Her latest is yellow with mice on it - I swear that she didn't like her red ones I was getting her before and wanted one with a bit of "style".
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I love the one I got for Emmett at Petsmart. Its black with white mice and cheese along it. It has the safety clasp so I know if he gets caught he'll be okay.
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The ones with velcrow hold up well and they come in ALOT of styles.
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You should order Princess Purr's Beastie Band Collars, They are the best. I have 3 inside kitties and they wear the beastie band collar. They velco on, very lite weight and the my kitties love them and they come in many colors. Sometimes the kitties take them off, and I just put it back on them (it's a game we play)
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