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Kitty Bed

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I bought Dori a really nice kitty bed at Petsmart the other day. I thought it would be nice for her to have her own warm bed to sleep in. The problem is that she will not go in it. I have tried to get her in it but even if I put one foot down on it she not only starts fighting me, but she runs as far away from me as she can get! Did I just waste my hard earned money???
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I have a tent for Emmett. When I brought it home and set it up he didn't like it. Finally I put him in and layed him down and started petting him. He was purring and then he started sleeping in it while I was in the living room.

Then I got him a kitty condo. He loves that thing. He sleeps in that when he isn't in my bed.

He still uses the tent sometimes in my bedroom but his fave spot is my pillow, its a habit I don't want to break him of
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I have seven cat beds. Very rarely do my cats even sleep in them. Only one gets used on a regular basis. However, the cardboard box they were shipped in? That gets slept in all the time! Cat beds are luxuries for the cat owners, and also for sick kitties, but perfectly healthy cats usually don't sleep in them.
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Zoey actually loves her kitty bed

Well, and ever since Saki stole her perch, she has no place else to sleep
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I finally bought 2 kitty beds - one for each cat as a present.

Sphinx has yet to try it - he sticks his paw in it but doesn't go in yet.

Kuce however spends some of her time in the bed - once she gets done kneading it!!!
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Ya know, it's like that with any gift you buy for a cat; there's no telling if they're gonna like it or not. I bought one of those fake lambskin beds, and Snowball loved it for about a week, and then just totally rejected it. I thought maybe it was dirty so I washed it, but nope, she was done with that thing. Only recently did I decide to get her a heated cat bed, and that she loves and uses all the time.

Sometimes it's not so much that the cat doesn't like it; they just don't like anything new or different. Once they actually try it out, they find they do like it. If this is the case, you might entice her onto the bed with some treats. Also, if she has a favorite spot maybe you could put the bed there (like by the sunny window with a view of a bird feeder).
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It's funny that you mentioned moving it into her faorite spot, because I planned on doing that. She has this spot that she likes to sleep in thats under the window where the sun shines in. She curls up in the exact little spot every day. The reason why I haven't put the bed there, and this might sound silly, is because she acts like she hates the bed and I don't want to....hmmmm whats a good word..... alienate her by putting something she seems to hate in a spot that she loves. I think I will try that just for today and see what happens. Maybe she will like it! Also, you couldn't have been more correct when you said you basically take a chance every time you buy your cat something, I have a basket full of really neat kitty toys that she won't touch either!
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You can try springle some catnip on the new bed to see if that will help for your baby to sleep in .
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Well what about YOU sitting in it for awhile. It works for me and Krista. If anything smells like I sat on the couch, I laid on the bed...then she will lay there continuously when I get up. Maybe that will help
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i put fake fur in mine and velvet. the cats seem to love it.
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Try sprinkling some catnip in there, and maybe a few treats.

I wouldn't try to put her in it; cats usually prefer to discover new things on their a matter of fact, maybe you should try to hide it from her - that works like a charm for my cats - if you hide it, they will come!
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I put a purr-pad in mine and it draws a couple of them to the bed. But it is on rare occassion that they use it. Most of the cat beds that I purchased over the years ended up as dog beds.
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I plan on getting a heating pad for amber, she loves heat. I dont have a bed for her yet but she loves anything soft and cushy, so I plan on making something for her. does Dori like warmth? try putting a towel in the dryer and then put her on it. that works like magic!
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Ok, I tried laying next to the bed and using treats to lure her into it- she ran up grabbed the treats and ran away. I tried the rubbing catnip on the bed, she doesn't seem interested. I tried laying my bath robe over the bed, she laid on the part of my bath robe that was next to her kitty bed. I moved the bed to her favorite place to sleep and she started sleeping somewhere else, and she runs from warm towels faster than she runs away from the bed when I take her near it! I don't think she is going to be sleeping in her bed anytime soon
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Don't feel bad, I too have a cat bed that I got them for their birthday and Ophelia slept in it about 5 times total. They got it in July. Neither one shows any inclination of using it. *sigh*

If she really doesn't like, perhaps you could donate it to a rescue group or shelter? I've been meaning to do that with mine...
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I bought a reall nice plush cat bed for Loki last year - did he use it NOPE. However one of the kittens I fostered loved it - it went along with him to his foreverhome.

He does however LOVE my new chaise or should I say HIS new chaise.
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I sew cat beds and all four of my cats love them! In fact they are always helping me stuff them. That is their favorite part. No matter where I set them down there is a cat waiting to try them out.
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I just went looking around the apartment for Dori, and where did I find her??? In the kitty bed!!!!! YAY!!!! I wrapped my bath robe completly over it (she always lays on my robe) and left her alone about the bed for a couple days and it worked. I should have known, she is a stubborn kitty and wants to do things on her own terms, not mine. She is sooo cute sleeping there, she has a little teddy bear "Pookie" from Garfield. He is in the bed with her also.
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Awwww...good news!
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I bought a bed for my cats because I thought it was so cute ! None of them even used it. Finally after about 2 years, every time I couldn't find Gizmo, he was in the basket, so eventually one of them used it. But honestly, they prefer my bed !!!
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I am glad she went in the bed

I don't know , but all of my cats are using the cat beds I got . Some times it may take a few days , but they always use it .
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Mine uses hers for about 10 seconds then gets out
Maybe she uses it when I'm not home
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