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Cat Beds

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I made two of these today! A friend brought over some of her beds and I made these from memory!
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Sadie wants to try it out!
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I made the mat too!
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Baby Sugar will grow into this!
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I just can not resist her face.
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Wow you are every talented - you should seel these - they go for big bucks! and of course your babies are gorgeous!
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Those are very cool!! Are your plans written down and would you like to share them?!?!? My kitties would love these!
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Wow. Amazing beds, you're so talented! OIf course Sadie likes them, cute DOES go with cute.
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I will try to write it out! Sigh! I sew by the seat of my pants!
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Wow very cool. You could sell these on ebay and make some money!!
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Wow, love the beds-too cute for words. I know my Tiger would love those beds, come to think of it, ALL of my cats would love those beds (not to mention the cute material.)
ANd your 'models' are darling by the way
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My friend Subee is very talent.I love my Christmas present from her.Baby is so kitty, she rreally loves her omther
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I have made another one. This one is oval and the size of Grandma's oval platter!
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I have done the instructions with pictures to help. Anyone who wants them may e-mail me and I will send them as an attachment with my reply.
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I sew cat nip bags alot. but haven't tryed a bed. nice job.
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I made 15 cat beds today and look how worn out Baby is from test driving!
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Baby was so worn out she had to call in reinforcements. That is Sadie in the background.
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I am a little backwards tonight. Here is a picture of the pile before I started to sew. I stopped because I ran out of stuffing!
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That is so cool! I've been wanting to make my own cat beds! I tried the link you gave but it won't let me access it.
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WOW , I just now see this . You are great , wow awsome . They all look great .
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Subee babies are so cute. They are cuter in person. Macy is like a little monkey with her paws.Baby is so trusting.
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