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cats coming back after they pass

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I would like to hear some stories about cats coming back to you after they pass away. Here is my story with isadora and sebastain.

We found isadora as a stray, she was my first and only black kitty. She was covered in ticks, but sooo friendly and smart! I have ALWAYS want a black cat more then anything. We only had her for about two weeks and she went into liver failure and passed away. I was heart broken, and i said I would NEVER get another solid black cat. If we got a black cat again it would need a white spot on it's chest a "safty spot" We went to our vets office a few weeks later with some of the other cats and he told me they had two black kittens in the back that need homes. I told rich I wanted to look but would not get one because I would never have a solid black cat. We went back there and there was sebastain with his little white spot on his chest. it just made me smile and so happy. He acts so much like isadora and looks JUST like her. I think she came back to us quickly because she knew how much it hurt me to loss her.
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My Pookie made it 17 years. She was brought to me by my daughters who had found a pile of dead kittens. Only she was not dead. I do believe they were thrown from a car in a bag. We called her "Poor Kitty" for so long that she ended up with the name of Pookie.
Well the vet said she would die as her jaw was broke...her ribs were broke and her tail was broke...and she was blind in one eye. She proved him totally wrong by the rich full life she lived. Loved dry crunchy food despite the jaw and was the sweetest kitty in spite of the rough beginning she had.
My husband plays guitar and she loved music. She would sing along when he would sing about her. He would sing her name, pause and she would meow in A major. He always did a boogey woogie song for her and she would ride on his leg while he stamped out the time.
This was long before I had a digital camera and I have only a few special pictures of her in frames.
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Less than 1 month after I lost my baby Hippocrates to cancer (he was a grey baby with white paws and bib), I was in a pet store buying my dogs rawhide chews. This pet store had a Humane Society inside, and actually let the cats run free in the store.

Well....I was squatted down picking out chews, wearing a skirt as I just got off work. I catch this cat standing at the far end of the aisle (about 40 feet away) out of the corner of my eye looking at me - a split image of Hippocrates without a tail (manx). He starts running at me and leaps into my lap, lays down, starts kneeding me and purring.

I was good, I went home, got my husband and came back the next day. When I brought Max into the vet that day, I got a lecture about trying to replace one cat with another. Max was a completely different cat, but OMG they looked alike (except for the tail). He quickly filled my life. Max is also over the bridge now.

Second story - when we took home Max we also took home a black female named Natasha. Natasha crossed the bridge about 5 years ago, but I'll be d*mned if I haven't started calling Koko Natasha (daily). Other than different eye color, it could be the same cat, down to the temperament.
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I have a story to share about a stray that adopted me many years ago. I was living in a duplex and there was an orange long-haired cat in the neighborhood. Most chased it away - its fur was matted and dull - but for some reason, it appeared on my porch and would not go away (not that I chased it, mind you).

I had an intuition that it was simply looking for a home - someone that would love and feed it and not run it off. So I took it to the vet for a checkup. Found out that she had been spayed and was quite old. He shaved her (it was late spring in the south) to remove the mats, leaving a stripe down the back. She was the 'mohawk kitty' for a while - and she became MaggieCat to me.

I moved to my first house and brought her along. Kept her outside - she didn't know how to live in a house plus I had a very dear bird I was concerned about. She seemed fine for a few weeks - always stuck close to the house, greeted me when I came home. Sweet natured.

One morning I awoke groggily to see her orange flag of a tail at the foot of my bed. I wondered what the heck that cat was doing inside of the house... then woke up fully, and found nothing there. I went downstairs to find that MaggieCat had died. To this day, I believe that she came to say goodbye and thank you for giving her a home and comfort in her last weeks on earth. I buried her deep under a tree where no one would disturb her remains, ever.

She finally had the home she had longed for all that time she was in the wild.

MaggieCat taught me to trust my intuition about what animals think and feel - and to follow through to help meet their needs. It was a real gift, the love of this cat.
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