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Hello all!

My husband and I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of the 82d Airborne, in which he serves. Soon after moving into our apartment, a sweet kitty started visiting through our back door. He suddenly came up missing one day, and we found that he had been abandoned at animal control. We adopted him, and he is now a part of our family. He is an orange tabby, about 7months old and his name is Fergus.

We had never been cat owners before Fergus came into our lives, but we are definitely cat lovers now! We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting some new information on our favorite kitty!
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Welcome to the forums. We are all cat nuts and would love to hear stories. Any questions are usually addresed the same day. So anytime you want to know something, just ask.
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Hi!!! We are so glad you joined us, as Sandie said, we all are a little nuts here, about our cats!!! Hope you enjoy it here, and post often!
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Hi Meghan
We live in the opposite end of the state--in a rural community called Leicester, which is just outside of Asheville.I have 11 cats right now and I truly believe yellow cats are the sweetest of all. Celia, my 11 year old yellow tabby was raised on a bottle and thinks she is people. My other yellow one is Toby, a long haired fluff ball who thinks he is the goodwill ambassador to the world. Hope you get your Fergus' health problems worked out and get to enjoy a long life with him.
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