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Cat Survey

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So, who is your cat? What is he/she like? Any quirky habbits? Here's a profile of my little girl:

NAME: Tabitha
NICKNAMES: tabby, rascalina, rambunctious (sp!) girl, puddin pop girl (don't ask me where that came from), puddin, Tabby the wonder cat
HOBBIES: cuddling, playing with toys, playing outside, running around the apartment, playing with plastic bags, boxes, kleenex or anything else that's lying around, climbing stuff
APPEARANCE: long-ish hair, tabby coloured, brown eyes with a little rim of green around the pupil.
PHOTO: http://www.gym-routines.com/dmedia/tabby.jpg
FAVOURITE PEOPLE FOOD: She doesn't really like people food. The cat we had when I was growing up used to come running for ice cream and cheese whiz
WHY EVERYONE LOVES HER: because she can be cute and cuddly or hyper and fun.
WEIRD HABITS: drinking out of the toilet. When she was smaller she used to climb up people - up the pant legs, up the shirt, onto the shoulder and then she'd get onto your head and sit there!
FAVOURITE SLEEPING PLACE: on me or as close to me as possible. I always wake up in the morning with a cat sharing my pillow. Also inside the closet on a box under the clothes
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Hi Megan!

Great to see you here! Hopefully, by tomorow Tabby's resume will include an appearance on TCS's main page as cat of the week!
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Megan, take look at the beauty on the main page!
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Yup! That's my girl! I just got two rolls of film developed on the weekend with some really great pictures of her! Half my pictures are of the cat, I swear! I'll scan and post if I get a chance this week.
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I have way too many cats to give a detailed profile of each of them, so I will give you some info about my favorite one...Merlin....he is grey and white with black stripes, very soft fuzzy fur...he is about 2 months old now, loves to play!!! And at night I sneak him in to sleep with me sometimes and he loves to cuddle!!! He is very vocal when it is time for his daily treat!!! (he LOVES fish) his favorite place to sleep when he is in the house is either in bed with me or on my pile of dirty clothes!!! He is the fattest thing I ever saw, and he just got his first dose of wormer a few days ago, just to be on the safe side!!! I love him dearly!!!
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Soon to come!

TCS Cat Pages - a new feature on this site that will let you build personal web pages for your cats! We're working hard on that one - that's why I didn't have too much time to post lately.

If all works well, within a few weeks, you'll be able to upload pictures and write stuff about your cat and you'll get a TCS web page all about that cat. Each cat can have his or her own web page. Debby - you'l have a lot of work!

I can't wait for that application to work - it should be really nice. You'd also be able to search all the pages and get to see cats' homepages by breed, color, name - whatever!
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That does sound wonderful, and yes, I will be busy!! LOL
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