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Moving With Cats

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Hi. Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this so it might be in the wrong forums? We are getting ready to move across town. I've heard that moving to a new place can stress cats out. I have two 5 month old kittens (one boy one girl.) Are there things I can do to make the move easier on them?
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Okaay you've heard right. Moving can stress kitties out, and not just kitties, any pet that you have actually.

As with all the moves I've done, the pets are the LAST ones that move. I do this because I at least have their new litter area, food area, kitty area and my bedroom set up ready to go for their arrival. That way there are some familiar smells and items in the new place and there's a food supply as well.

I've never been able to have a room dedicated to the kitties so I empty one room first of all the things that need to go over to the new place. This room then becomes the kitty room for when the rest of the house is being moved, especially handy come moving day or when large items are being taken out. No kitties underfoot or being frightened by all the strange noise and people. In this room I put in treats, toys, food, their cat posts etc. And a sprinkle of catnip as well.

Before moving any furniture in the new place, I check it over with a UV light to look for any traces of kitty urine. If there are any, I clean them with a cleaner that has enzymes in it or bleach. Then after cleaning, I make sure with a UV light that it has been removed. (Kitty urine shows up under UV light.)

Then the furniture goes in.

Then kitty areas are set up. Food and water placed out ready for kitties to arrive.

Once arriving, let the kitties out allowing them to explore at their own pace.

Additional Things You Can Do.
1) Sprinkle catnip on and around their scratching posts, condos etc.
2) Spray Feliway onto their posts and bedding.
3) Place one to two drops of Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy in their drinking water.
4) Don't change your usual routine. Show your kitty that it's business as usual and that the new place doesn't scare you from doing your usual things.
5) Find you inner calm and prokect it. Moving probably stressed you too. And your kitties can pick up on your stress.

These care all aiming to calm kitty down while adjusting to their new home. You can do this before introducing your kitty to the new home or if the need arises. Feliway promotes a sense of well being amongst kitties and can calm kitties down. Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic product for humans and can be used for pets to aid in times of anxiety.

Things to Watch out For
1) Peeing and pooping in the wrong places.
2) Lack of interest in food.

These are the two biggest signs to say that "I'm stressing out!" This is if your kitty has been determined by a vet that they have no medical condition. If any of these two thing happen for three days or longer, take kitty to the vet.

Find more about Feliway: Feliway Website

Find more about Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy: Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy Information

Alcohol Free Alternative to Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy: Distress Remedy by Nature's Sunshine The small amount of alcohol in Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy won't hurt your kitties but I provide a link to an alcohol free remedy to let you make your choice.

You can purchase Feliway from pet stores and some vets actually sell it as well. Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy is available for sale online or at health food stores or stores specialising in homeopathic products.

Edited to add where to buy Feliway and Rescue Remedy.
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