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Tuesday Daily Thread

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This morning we did the "Dance of the Mustang". Racer was fitted with rolled toe shoes and I have to say that I was really ashamed of him and how he acted. We danced around with him for about an hour, just in trying to get one :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: shoe on him. We tried backing him against the house to brace him, that didn't work, we tried twitching him (didn't work)- For you non-horsey folk you take an apparatus called a twitch and twist their lip, attach this tool and tie it tight. It curls the lip and release endorphens into their blood and calms them down- (usually). Then Racer reared and the farrier fell beneath him- oh god that was bad. Racer did not step on Clint didn't hurt him at all- though I got smacked with the twitch and now have a swollen lip.

Clint was pissed the first time I have ever seen this gentle farrier angry. And then I got mad- really mad and I yelled at Racer. I didn't smack him or kick the :censor::censor::censor::censor: out of him, I yelled- and he LISTENED I continued yelling throughout the shoeing and he stood stock still through it all looking me right in the eye. Clint kept saying "Keep it up Mary Anne it is working." and so I kept yelling at Racer to keep him still. We finished the work and then his back feet got trimmed and I released him out to the pasture.

I was never so emotionally spent than I am right now. I know that it was not pain that was causing Racer to be a butthead- he had been buted up- he just didn't want to get messed with and thought we would stop after awhile. His toe has been trimmed down and he now has new shoes for Christmas.

Clint told Mike that in all his years shoeing horses and he now shoes over 700 a year and he has never seen the type of respect that Racer holds for me in any of his clients horses and he now has the utmost respect for me and the rapport that Racer and I share.

All I know is that when he reared up and clint went flat on his belly I thought it was going to end up bad. Had Racer been another type of horse, he could have ended up breaking Clint's neck or back, but Clint's legs were spread and racer came down in the middle of the space of those legs...........I am still shaking........ Mike said that he was watching it all and that Racer was aware of where everyone was and didn’t hurt any of us, except hitting me with the humane twitch I have never continuously yelled at that horse, and hope I never have to do it again.
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Poor Racer, it is so hard on him and it is so hard on you guys. I really hope that this passes real soon and he feels better.

Today is mine and Jakes 4th Wedding anniversary, we have no idea where we will go for dinner tonight

I am just enjoying my warmth inside in this cold weather.
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I am sitting here at my desk at work enjoying a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers. This is the first time I have eaten anything since Sunday! Man, does that make me feel better. I had a horrible stomach virus yesterday...I couldn't even hold down water! I was a mess and thought I was dying...my legs and stomach felt like someone beat me up!! Well, I went to the doctor this morning and they took blood to make sure that I didn't have a bacterial infection...thank goodness I didn't and I will most likely be well enough to enjoy the holidays! I really wanted to come in today anyway because we got our Christmas bonus!! What a treat!! Well, I have about 4 hours left in the day...so I hope I can manage. I just spent my lunch hour in line at Honeybaked ham and boy was that a wait...but well worth it!!
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Wow Hissy that sounds like scary stuff. Like a lot of little girls I learnt to ride horses (well ponies!) but as I got older it sort of got left behind. I have total respect for horses as they are so much bigger than me! Good luck with the shoe thing.
Happy anniversary Kiwideus - have a great evening
Very rainy and cold over here but looking forward to Christmas Eve
Oh dear caprice - get well soon
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I wish you and Jake a fantastic evening and many happy years together!!
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I grew up with horses...and know how big of a pain in the butt theY CAN be LOL
Hope it gets better....what type of horse is he>???
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Sounds like quite an eventful day for you and Racer! I'm glad that it ended without injury to anyone involved.

Happy Anniversary Kellye!!

Glad you are feeling better than yesterady Candie.

As for me, I'm in loverly Illinois, north of Chicago. We spent the day and night in Chicago and did some shopping and went to the Field Museum. But for all his talk about how great Marshall Fields is, do you think Earl took me there? Nope. Went past the main store twice, but didn't go there. He wouldn't even go to one of the satellite stores when we were RIGHT THERE!! *sigh* Anyway, so we are staying with his father and we have family plans for the next two days, plus Saturday. I don't know what we're doing other than that, but I do know that my computer time is pretty limited.

So, if I don't sign on again before Thursday - Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!
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what?! heidi, you are in chicago?!!!!!! you are only two hours from me!!! did you drive here or fly. if you drove on interstate 80 you would have been less than 10 miles from me!

well, have a nice christmas, all!!
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M.A. - I'm so glad everything turned out OK with Racer. I can imagine you are wiped out after that experience!

Kellye - Happy Anniversary to you and Jake. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Candie - Sound like you've had a rough time. I'm so glad you will feel better for the holidays.

Heidi - I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

I just have a little over an hour to go and we're off until Monday. I am looking forward to doing the last of my shopping tomorrow. I just have socking suffers to buy, so that will be fun. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!
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It's Christmas Eve. I'm so excited.

I'm actually sitting here munching a piece of KFC chicken and eating coleslaw.

I'm off to Nanas really soon because our cat "Sister" gave birth to six kittens this morning and one of them is my dream kitten I can't wait to see them.

(BTW They are Danlaras babies, you can see him on my site!)

Well I'll be on here later, but I just want to say "Seasons Greetings" to all my good friends.
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Back to the vet today with Jordan. She is the latest to come down with the Upper Respiritory Infection that started on Thanksgiving Day. Griffin had a bad case of it and he is getting better slowly, then it went on to Noah and Indie and Tibby. They are all better now and now Jordan has it. She isnt sneezing or having a runny nose, she is just acting like she has a really bad sore throat and isnt feeling well. The vet looked in her mouth and said she had irritation in her throat. I'm trying to find something she will eat and so far she isnt eating much at all. I will have to keep an extra eye on her and make sure she keeps hydrated and is eating something. I'm going to go and get her some chicken baby food in a few minutes, I tried tuna juice and that didnt work. Hopefully she will be better soon. Gotta make my cakes and cheesecakes for Christmas tonite, so I will be busy.
Sounds like you have had quite a day Hissy, hope Racer will be O.K.
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10.30 pm here, almost Christmas Eve!!! A busy day tying up loose ends today. Poor Ken has a very bad foot (the Doc has given him some anti-inflamatories) so he's hobbling around. Dominik is teething and is somewhat miserable and I'm as tired as can be.

Tomorrow I have to brave the whole family Christmas Eve thing (see my recent post about the rift between my brother and I)and I'm really too tired to be bothered with niceties.

However, for the sake of my Mum I will be civilised.

My friends who live 2 doors away sent me the sweetest card - basically it's a voucher that will give me the right to call on them for a day or evening's worth of babysitting so Ken and I can spend some time together. That is so sweet and touching - worth a hundred rattles and teething rings easily.

Anyway - a happy Christmas to all TCS bods around the world, may Father Christmas bring you everyting you've ever wished for. Love and hugs . . .
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I've been pretty busy the last couple of days trying to play catch up. I'm trying to finish my baking because I always deliver plates of goodies to my neighbors on Christmas eve. And my house has been a wreck between baking and finishing up my crafts. So now I'm trying to make the house look presentable for those unannounced holiday visitors!

Had my drug test for my new job a couple days ago. I have to go to orientation December 29th-30th and then I start in the lab on January 5th.

The kitties are all doing ok. Henrietta has an eye infection now. It seems like I get one cat's eyes cleared up and another comes down with it. And the vet said it shouldn't be contagious! HA!

Hallie has just been a holy terror. She cracks me up. It's like having a kitten around! She must just feel so good that she's making up for lost time! Peaches quite often joins her and other times looks at her like, "are you nuts?" Jake is his mellow old self. He got a bath again last Saturday so he is all fluffy and soft for Christmas. Tonight they all get their Christmas bows on.

Carmella is just Carmella. Kind of a loner and she has that Dr. Jeckel/Mr. Hyde personality! She likes to go down in the basement with my daughter when she is home. I think because she is the only cat down there. I don't like to leave her down there all the time because Rachel isn't home that much and I don't want Carmella to become totally anti-social!

That's about it in a nutshell! Haven't posted much the last few days only because I've been busy. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah and a wonderful New Year!
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Another slow day at work. I am off, tomorrow and will take care of last-minute stuff: bank (money for the kids), pick up deli trays, library and mop kitchen. I'm going to vac the sofa and put the sheets back on it. I've had it covered but, Rowdy burrows under the sheets. Good thing, my parents and the kids don't mind cat hair. Between my parents' 5 dogs and the kids' two, they're used to pet hair.

Bill's sister and BIL stopped by, with a care package: homeade carmel corn, peanut brittle and banana nut bread. I LOVE Joan's peanut brittle. I was still at work but, according to Bill, all of the cats put on a show, for company. Even Opie came out and was sociable. He let Joan pet him.

Sam tells me that Feliza has a tooth and Isabel is ready to pop one. Sounds as if its getting to be time to wean them. Ouch! I'm going to try to get the new pix posted, somehow. I can't get imagestation to work. I'll have lots of pix, from Christmas, too. I DID buy spare batteries, for my digital.
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Well it's Christmas Eve over this part of the globe.

I still have to go shopping for one more present. It's for a little three year old boy. I know that his parents are having a hard time this year and the dad won't be home until after Christmas.

I usually go out tonight in the madness of the rush and buy presents for the children on the Charity tree that no one has bought for because they're in the too hard basket. But this year I'm doing this instead. I wish I had enough funds to do both.

The planned dinner with my father isn't going to happen because he's working all through Christmas eve and Christmas day and night. I'm not sure what hours and I know he'll be tired and not be wanting any visitors. So we're having a dinner after the holiday season. Not what I want but it's better than nothing.

I'm sitting at home waiting for a courier to drop me off a Welcome Package from my new job. I have absolutely no idea what it is and I'm quite excited by it. I know they were dropping off forms and a uniform but I'm so curious as to what else there could be. I sure hope he comes soon. I really want to hit the shops one final time.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.
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I'm sick today on xmas eve... man, of all days.. i have to be sick today!!
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