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Such a long day!!!!

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Gezze! I'm at work right now. Been here nearly 4 hours and it feels like 10. The day is just dragging. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a lot of work to do, but its coming in really slowly. I hope I can print some more letter up this afternoon. I'm here until 4:30!!!!

Well my break is over. Gonna grab a juice and head back to my desk. Maybe something exciting happened while I was gone.

I can't wait for lunch time!!! 3 hours and counting!!!
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LOL!!! I gave up trying to go into the office this week. I don't think I could sit in my cube and pass the entire day there. You must be bored to tears!! Am working(?) from home, getting laundry done and ready to head out for Christmas.

Hang in there - only 4 hours left in the day!!
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I know what you mean - my head is about to hit the key board out of boredom!!! 4 1/2 hrs. let - don't know how I will make it either and then I am off until Next Year.
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Fours hours left to go here and then we are off until Monday. The boss decided to close on Friday. We are always closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He said work would be really slow on Friday, so just one of the guys had to volunter to be on call. I bet this afternoon will go by slowly.
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I had my longest day yesterday - Monday. We were really lucky and my boss said if everything was done and dusted monday afternoon we could go home. Wow Ive never seen a bunch of office people move so fast!
So this morning was bril, but still woken up at 1/2 6 by sharp little claws wanting their breakfast.
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Tuesday is done! I have work tomorrow but its a slack off day. We get food and to chill out and get paid for the full day

Off on Thursday and Friday!!!!!
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