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Zodiac signs-1

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PS: There are only 10 options allowed in a poll, so I wrote the signs in an alphabetical order, leaving Taurus & Virgo to the 2nd poll
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You asked me if I was a Gemini in the thread I posted. Yes, I am! I like your poll. It might bring some interesting results.
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I am an Aquarius.
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I am a Sagitarius!
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Scorpio for me!
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I'm an Aries.. whose the other Aries out there?!?!! My birthday is March 21. I am so curious as to who shares my sign! Rams rules!
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I'm a Libra / Scorpio
could ya' tell?
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I am a LIBRA... and we are ALL cat lovers!!!
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LEO here.

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After reading Debby's post, I deciced to change the subject of the poll ( don't want to be misunderstood or anything ) so I made it "the zodiac signs of all cat lovers"
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I found it interesting that there are NO Pisces it 'cuz fish don't care much for Cats? :laughing2:
Ok, bad...but it IS interesting...

p.s. I'm a Sagittarius

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Libra's are in the lead..we are so wonderful!!

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Hey now WashuSama we Gemini's out there are tied with the Libra's
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Awwww. come out of hiding you Ram.... Who is the other aries? It's KILLING ME!
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That's me (or us)!


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Heey, we are the leaders now.

Geminis always rule

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Gemini's are ok too, only because you guys are as (if not more)looney as us Libra's!!!!

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Cassandra--I'm an Aries too.
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It looks as though we GEMINIs rule the website!!
Go twins sisters and brothers!!!!!
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Yay! Alexnell... when is your birthday? I don't know many Aries.. but people I totally fit the Aries profile.. I take that as a total compliment!
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I'm Pisces! And I have 6 full time owners and 3 masters that are just leasing me (fosters)...

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March 29, 1975. Around 1:45 am.
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You are exactly 2 months older than me alexnell

May 29, 1975 here

I don't know how many active members there are in this site but it seems like 33 + 4 (from zodiac signs-2)=37 people voted until now & Geminis are leading with 18.92 % (7/37).. Libro, Aries & Scorpio are tied with 8.12% (3/37).

wohoo, geminis rule

It's strange that there are no Virgos in this site
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I am a Capricorn. :daisy:
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