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Vet just called-DIABETES

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My cat is quite heavy and has had 2 urinary tract infections years ago. He is seven and although he is heavy I have opted for the urinary food to keep him heathy but it is high in calories apparently. So now the vet has told me that he has diabetes and requires insulin shots. Also, perhaps if he loses weight it could eliminate the shots. Anyone have any info on this or any advice.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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What is the blue dot on the envelope.
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I'm so sorry, it's a scary diagnosis to hear. Here is a very excellent site I found when looking for information as one of my cats is heading towards or is in early diabetes (nothing is easy with my guys, some of his tests are negative, some positive so for now, we treat with diet changes only).

I hope this faq and it's many links will be helpful to you, and wish you the best with helping your cat,

Sugarcats.net FAQ
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Originally posted by mycatandme
What is the blue dot on the envelope.
It means you've posted in the thread.

I'm sorry about your kitty. I had a cat that had diabetes when we were younger. My mom had to give her the shots and to be real careful that she didnt give too much or too little. Good luck.
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One of our members had a cat with diabetes. Here is one of her posts

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Hi and thank you for the responses and links. The costs of the body function test vet visit were about $200 and I just went and purchased the insulin and syringes for $60. The vet has informed me that there will be additional costs for follow-up vet visits and tests. I had no idea there was so much involved. It's not the money that bothers me as much as the feeling that somehow this all could have been avoided by not letting Kool (my cat) get so overweight. He has been spoiled and when his bowl is empty tends to chew bags and act up. I feel just terrible, because I feel like instead of hearing the whining I would just feed him. How can I reduce his weight so maybe he won't need the insulin? Any ideas? He used to play fetch but now he just lays there. I've tried lazer lights and feathers and strings, he just doesn't seem motivated.
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Since he now has health issues any diet needs to be provided and monitored by your Vet.

I am so sorry to hear about your babies trouble - hope a diet can eliminate the insulin.
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Non related I just wanted to comment on how much I love all of the animations and pictures. We have some very talented members here!
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First,do some research on diabetes in cats.
Second, think about asking your vet for a referral to a board certified internal medicine vet who will be up on the latest advances in diabetes treatment in cats.
Some cats get by with glipzide (an oral medication) & never need insulin. Careful dieting & special diets can also be a big help. Double check the bloodwork as stressed out cats will have high blood sugars just as a natural reaction. Your vet may want to double check the diagnosis by doing a urine check.
If worst comes to worst & your cat is truly diabetic & needs insulin still do not panic . Most cats handle their insulin injections just fine - small amounts, tiny needles. I lost my diabetic cat last year at 17 yrs of age & she had been diabetic (needing insulin) for 3 yrs. The hardest part of treating a diabetic cat is getting the dose adjusted properly.
Deb E
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