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Thanks to Scott7777...

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I was finally able to capture my cats beauty with all of his tips! This was taken in a room with large windows covered with white sheers on an overcast afternoon.

Here they are, Catloaf (the siamese) and Carmelo (late summer rescue, now about 8 mos. old):
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What pretty babies!!! SMOOOOOOOCH on top of their heads!
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That is a great picture. It looks like they are posing for it!!!
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beautiful babies , give them some from me .
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Beautiful picture & Gorgeous Kitties!
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Very nice!!!

Nice light and cute cats!

You can tell the light is softer than what you would get with a harsh flash and a darker room. Of course, if there's less light in the room (because the windows are partly obscured), you need to work hard at keeping the camera steady, in case you've got a slower shutter speed. But the light shapes the faces much nicer.

Good job!
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What a beautiful picture! Your cats are adorable!
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Well, thanks again, Scott, I'll try some of those ideas. I used to be quite a photo buff, but haven't really done much with it in about 20 years. I barely remember anything about shutter speed, lighting, etc., but you posts refreshed some of my memory, but a lot of what you said was new to me.

I am glad I saw your post, it inspired me to try some different things with photography (considering previous results, that is a good thing).

Thanks everyone for the compliments, they are great cats. They usually aren't that well behaved, they were just pooped from about three hours of chasing/battling and happened to curl up with each other. I was like...where's the camera? Interesting light, new ideas and conked out cats!
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Gotta frame this one!!
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Actually, I did frame it! I submitted the original (579K) to walmart.com and had some lovely prints (4x6 and wallet size) about a week later! I had them delivered to the store, so they were safe from the elements AND no shipping/handling charges!
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