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Van cats

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Catspride, I was thinking about a reason for Van cats being about to extinct in TR & came up with an idea.

Since, in Turkey Van cats are expected/known to be completely white & with either one or both eyes blue, & since the white fur color & blue eye color genes are linked, causing the higher incidence of deafness in cats with these characteristics, it could be possible that Van cats by having these characteristics didn't/don't fit into their environment well by themselves. "Survival of the Fittest" => There is no advantage of being deaf (in either one or both ears), thus the ones who are deaf aren't selected by nature. So new hybridized members which aren't completely white & don't have blue eyes, are favored in the natural selection process..

This is what I came up with before I go to sleep I wonder what your ideas are...
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I'm a bit confused. Special needs cats, whether they be Turkish Vans or any domestic cats are usually harder to place than normal ones.

Here's a link to read all about the Turkish Van.


I found it quite fanscinating.


BTW - Helping Paws will have several purebred Turkish Angoras and Turkish Vans for adoption at our Cat Show this weekend, at the Elk's Club on Maynard Street in Middletown, CT. Come on down!!
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