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Turn of Events

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I don't know what it is with the Christmas season but my fiancee, the half of the duo that NEVER EVER goes ga ga at any cute fluffy kitten has succumbed to the mention of all white kittens. He even suggested it as an early birthday present for me.

Now I would LOVE an all white kitten. That would be fantastic. I've always wanted one but figured that they would be pretty rare. I've never seen one in my life. And the first kitten I get is Russell, a black kitty. Go figure.

Then we rescued Esper from the vet's surgery. Free to good home scenario but we'll make you get her shots first. So we have two cats.

We live in a two bedroom house. We do have a housemate who has taken up one of the bedrooms. I'm worried about space. I'm worried about introductions. I'm worried about FIV. I'm worried about worms. I'm worried about fleas. I'm worried about not spending enough time with the little one, I'm worried about what the housemate would think and how he would react. He's on holidays right now over in Japan. Though it would be a while before we do get a little kitten. They were born Friday so they are TINY and small and probably really cute and little pink paw pads and tiny little noses. **Cough** Where was I?

And if I did get a kitten, it would also be kept strictly indoors as are my other two.

Anyhow, the thing is, I'm worried and I want to talk things through before making the final decision. So much so, I haven't arranged to go round to see the kittens to prevent heart strings from being pulled further.
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I see you are not worried about anything in particular
I also live in a two bed house and have 4 kitties. There is enough room for all of us (so thats one less worry!) Introductions were just fine (another worry less)fleas get sprayed and hugs get given to all.
About the house mate - no help there I'm afraid (you may just have to worry that one through) but I'm sure they will love the new kitty - they sound totaly adorable
Stop worrying and enjoy-things have a tendency to work themselves out
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where do you live hon?....there is an all white persian mix available at the shelter in troy ohio...His name is misha...He is eight mths old....and gorgeous
Just thought i would let you know
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i have four solid white cats well stormy has a tiny black dot on her head, but the rest of them are all white. I always wanted an all black kitty and I got tons of all white ones

Welcome to the site!!! (note to self, make sure to type right message in right window )
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Well it looks like we will most likely get a little white fluffball. So now we're going to have to kitten proof the house. I can't help worrying about things.

himmymommy, I live in Australia but thanks for letting me know. I hope Misha finds a home.

Princess Purr, I've seen plenty of photos of your little models. You go great work caring for them all and with the strays and ferals that come into your life. Thanks for the welcome, though I have been a member since July 2002. I'm one of those members that have great long episodes of absences due to study commitments and then return to post lots. Well maybe not lots.
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I know I had two windows open at once and typed the wrong message in the wrong window sighhh I think I need to start getting some more sleep!!!
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The perils of visiting TCS when you haven't had enough sleep.

My typing goes out the window as each hour goes by.
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hopefully i will get some extra sleep over the long weekend!
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