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Weight, age and food amounts?

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I am just wondering if anyone knows of weight charts for cats? How much they should weigh at a certain age?

Tiki is 7-8 months and she's a little over 6 lbs.; I feed her about 2-3 small cans of Max Cat kitten food per day. My girlfriend says I'm overfeeding her, but Tiki is complete scavenger, but seems to be satisfied on her current diet. I would have termed her the runt of her litter.

Our adult male is 13 lbs. We have him on Max Cat lite, a little over (1) standard can per day, and he's lost 2 lbs. from a high of 15-16.

Both of them tend to be a bit food obsessed - because of the different diets, we can't really free-feed them dry food. I've been told an all-wet diet is bad for their teeth, but we do brush (and our vet recommended a predominately wet diet).
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I believe that kittens up to 1 year require 2x the calories that a full-grown cat does, both to fuel their extra activity and their physical growth.

So 6-9oz. of high-energy kitten food for Tiki and 6oz. of adult food for the other cat sounds about right.
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Well you seem to do just fine - but you really can't use weight/age charts. The are good for basic guidelines and nothing more than that. As in humans cats have different body types, etc.

I think this is a better guide :

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I feed Reggae a half a small can of food a day. She get a 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 when I get home from work. She also gets as much dry as she'll eat, that's left out all day. She eats when she's hungry. I also find that giving more wet food than that will cause her stool to be a little too soft.
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My cat eats between 1/2-3/4 cups of Purina ONE Chicken and Rice dry food per day. She's about 14 months old and I think she's at an ideal weight. Some days she eats more food than other days.
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