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Something soooooooo Adorable!!! :)  

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Hi there everyone :angel2:'s I hope everyone can access this page, I couldn't just send this to my friends on my email; I'm sure you will love it!


What a riot!

See ya

Love, Peace &
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Catarina77777 hi,
I have just been to that link, but there is only an add there for some answering machine or something ??
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I got the same thing?
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Me too?!
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I couldn't see it either
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Me either
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I couldn't see it either
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Me either. Zilch

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OMG...Sorry you guys...I copied the site's URL too! I don't get it and it was so darn cute. I hit that hyperlink I left ya's and it took me to never never land too....

Sorry! I'll try to find it again...this time, I'll make sure it works before I post it

Love & purrs.......
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As long as you attach a picture like that, you can apologize anytime and do anything you want.

Toooo cute!!! Still laughing!!!
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That is soo cute. Well maybe a different kind of cute, sorta like me when I get up. ha

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:laughing::laughing: Good Morning!! 's

You guys are killing me! :laughing::I can just picture you bustin a gut! :laughing::LOL::laughing: Cause I know I sure did when I first saw that little kitty! Doesn't look so happy ! What a face, huh?

Anyway, I've searched the net and I can't believe it, but I've stumbled across it again!

Yaaaaaay, this time, I'm going to post the URL and I will try it before leaving this posted...whew...here it goes:


For some reason it just isn't quite as funny today :confused3:

Love &
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Rise and Shine

What am I talkin' about? Half of you are probably just getting ready for lunch or dinner or just getting to bed!

Well, folks, it worked...I've checked it twice, so, it should take you right to the site:laughing: It's funnier now :laughing:

....well, it works...so, the pressure's off :laughing: I think I'm gonna take the babes and go back to bed...

Have a great day

Love &
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Cat......that was absolutely a great way to start my Saturday!
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Aaaaaah! The music wouldn't go away, even after I closed the site! I'm being "cuted" to death! Had to shut down and reopen IE to make it go away.
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Real neat Cat...but a word of warning..I had my volume a bit too high and both the boys came arunning...now they come peeking every few minutes looking for the strange cat.
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Dear Deb:angel2:


That would've driven me crazy too! I'm beginning to ...... I.E. anyway, I have now downloaded Netscape...I find it a bit more comforting although it's quite a handful at the moment on my computer...it's ready for the shop. rrrrrrrrr....These things are more sensitive than me (how can that be!):confused3:

Sorry for the hassle!

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Hi there stranger!:angel2:

You know it's funny that you should say that...my cats did the same thing! :laughing::laughing:

They were all looking for their new playtoy, but, that wasn't good enough. After they were through, India (my pup) came in and started howling...she'll sing if you sing...funniest thing! :laughing::LOL::LOL: Gosh, maybe I just should've left that page in cyber lost and found!

Love &

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Catarina....thanks for sharing this with us! It was adorable!
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Dear Deb :angel2:

It's always so nice to see you my sweet little sister

Love &

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