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Specialty Purebred Rescue

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They have some GORGEOUS kitties! Check them out!
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That red persian Pete looks so cute with his Lion cut
They are all gorgeous kitties . Thanks Sue for posting that link .
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I am in love with the red Exotic Shorthaired guy, the sealpoint Himmie and the black Persian kitten (those eyes!).

But 18 is the limit. And I MEAN it this time!
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The red exotic guy is very pretty , I love him too .
Sue I thought you said one time that you quit at 20 cats lol
My limit is 20 , so I guess I can have one more
since I am only by 19 cats lol .
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Sue I thought you said one time that you quit at 20 cats lol
I lied.

No, seriously, this is the limit. We had to close the (non-insulated) attic for the winter, and there's been some squabbling over territory. Nothing major, but there are as many cats as this space can handle. Any more and I'm afraid we'd start getting territorial peeing problems! I like it that everyone uses the litterboxes and not the floor, walls, bed, etc!
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I was only teasing you Sue . But I understand the territory issue , I got a few myself .
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The woman who runs this organization is wonderful. She helped me through a very hard time that I had with a very special persian who has since gone to the Bridge.

Thank god for Kirsten and her Specialty Pure Bred Cat Rescue. She's truly an angel.
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Fostermom , she sounds like a real sweet lady .
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Awww they are precious
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I'm glad to see she has some older cats...but I'm sad she doesn't take cats older than 10.

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OMG she just update her site I guess . She has some new cute interesting and very beautiful cats listed

She is getting a Cornish Rex in , I love them so much and I just lost my Calipso . I am sure dempted to ably for him .
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Yes she did! Love the tortie Persian, and the Torti point Exotic Short hair!!!
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I couldn't help but notice as I looked through the available beauties how the majority of them are declawed. It does make you wonder why they had to be rescued (although we all know that in the right environment and with lots of love, just about every behavioral "problem" can be worked through), and why the breeders didn't at the very least educate their adopters about declawing??
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I know; shelters are FULL of declawed cats. My Khepera is a 4 paw declaw, which is just unimaginably cruel.
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I also notice that most of them are declawed and that may be the reason why they have to look for a new home . That is soooo sad , the poor baby's .
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Declawing..though against many of the agreements for rescue groups and not something that can be easily followed up. Some people do it for convenience...some do it because they have small children...some do it because they do not want their furniture scratched.

Our organization will not adopt out to someone who plans to declaw...but we do use the opportunity if they are thinking about it to give them information on scratching posts etc..and we will adopt out declawed cats. I think education is the key...but we also need to understand that some people will decide to declaw their cats even with our policy. The point really is to try to find the best homes for the cats and look for people who are open minded to trying things other than declawing first or if they want to be upfront so we can find them the appropriate already declawed cat.

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Kirsten, who runs the rescue, makes adoptors sign contracts agreeing NOT to declaw cats that still have claws.

Of course, she has no control over how each kitty comes in.

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Wow , she got a new look now at the site . Looks good how she changed it .
Oh gosh , she got a Orange and White Bi-Color Persian " Dale" . I am in love

I guess the Cornish Rex must have found already a new home , I was looking forward to see a pic of the cat .
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