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Breeding a cat

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My stud wont breed one of my cats . she is in full blown heat. This male is so funny about who he breds. What can I do?
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Pimpin' aint easy!

(sorry couldn't resist, I have no valid information to add to here)
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Well I have the same problem now and I logged to consult others if they ever had a similar situation. I have 3 female Persians: Ginger, Cherry and Nala. Ginger had mated before many times and she gets heat 3-4 times a year. She had married once while she was nursing her babies (I brought a male for Nala who was in heat at that time but she refused him so Ginger married him instead). Cherry is still 1.5 years and never married before.
I got Casper from another breeder to raise him with my cats to ensure pure litter a month ago. He is healthy stud. He married Ginger in the first few days of his stay with us. She was at heat at that time. He was chasing both of Cherry and Nala since that and both were refusing. He was more interested by Cherry and chasing her all the time.
For the last few days Nala was in a hard heat and calling all the time. He is ignoring her, whatever she does. I even locked them together in a room but it did not work.
I noticed that Ginger having the same pregnancy symptoms of enlarged nipples and sleeping a lot as her habits when she is pregnant. Today I was astonished to see Casper mating Ginger in spite she did not show any signs of heat.
Any one can explain:
1-\tIf Casper is healthy and able to chase Cherry and mate Ginger, why he is ignoring Nala?
2-\tCan a pregnant cat accept male?
I am confused.

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It seems that cats, do indeed, have favorites, in fact some studs have to find the right girl.. don't know why, it just happens sometimes. If your male doesn't want to breed a female in heat then I would suggest that you keep them in close quarters until they do. Don't forget that females get really mad after the fact so the male ought to be at least a bit agressive. It could also be that he just isn't ready...

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!!
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