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new baby picture

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This was taken on Thanksgiving.

Darn! imagestation won't let it link. I guess that I'll have to try something else.
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Cindy - it says it is password protected.
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I was so excited to see new twin pics!!! Keep trying Cindy!
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When you go into Imagestation, click on the album you want to open. Once you click on the album, a picture with the title of the album on the left side should show up. Next, open the album and pick the picture that you want to link. Click on the picture and it will be by itself in a border. Now click it one more time and it will be in it's own window.

Grab the URL from the address bar, but first remove the extra .jpeg or .gif! Then come here and show us those
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Cindy I really was looking forward to see the twins!!! I hope you can get it to post soon!
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Oh a twin pikkie I can't wait.. Please Cindy keep trying !!!
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Thanks for the tips. I'll try it, when I get home from work. I'm not awake enough to do it, now.
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Gonna try this again.

I give up! I'll just print it out, scan it and THEN post it! I have NEVER been able to make imagestation work.
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Go to Free Picture Hosting and download their software. It is so much easier than Imagestation. The program is free which is a bonus!

.:A little about Free Picture Hosting:.

FreePicHosting is an online service that allows you to upload pictures from your computer, digital camera, or scanner directly to our servers. Very simple software is provided that allows you to easily drag and drop images without any ftp or html. You can size your pictures, crop them, make adjustments and perform other image manipulation. Unlike other systems, this tiny application runs on your desktop so you don't have to open a slow browser every time. Your picture hosting will be very fast and very easy. Several levels of participation are available and the services are totally free for most users.

I use this software now, it makes a difference in the quality and download times of your pictures! Try it out!
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.:If you still want to us Imagestation:.

When you go to copy the URL, it should look something like this:

The bold text is what you need to remove. Your pictures should work now!

Let me try and post it for you...

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Awwwww! The twins are beautiful!
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Crazy Cat Lover, thank you. Sam puts all of the pix on imagestation and I'm such a computer dummy, I have a hard time with it. MY pix are at Imagemagician and its so easy to use but, it costs $10/year. To me, its worth it, for the ease.
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Awww the twins are so precious!
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They're adorable little girls.
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OMG! They are so sweet!
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OMG!!! They are just PRECIOUS!!!! They couldn't be any cuter!!!! And thanks Tasha for posting the picture for us!

Cindy....they are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwww they are precious
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Originally posted by Debby
OMG!!! They are just PRECIOUS!!!! They couldn't be any cuter!!!! And thanks Tasha for posting the picture for us!

Cindy....they are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
No problem!
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I think that I'm finally getting into this grandma thing. I just don't see them as much, as I'd like to.

They are getting so big. Sam says that they are crawling and now they are cutting teeth. I don't envy Sam, when they both start to walk. They are going to be more trouble than Rowdy! Maybe, I should get them a large crate, for their first birthday
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Oh my gosh! Double cuteness! They're both getting so big!
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Awww Cute little babes!!

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Thankyou, thank you. Actually, I really can't take all that much credit - I only gave birth to their incredibly handsome father!
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Cindy, they have grown so much! They are adoreable! I don´t find them as identical looking as I did at first, I guess that makes it easier on everyone to tell them apart
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