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Kitten question

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What's the youngest a kitten can be neutered? Halo's about 3 months, and he was the runt of the litter. He seems to be healthy & in good shape, but I cant bring him to my house until hes neutered because of my other 2 females. I wanna do it ASAP, but only if its safe!
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Your females aren't spayed? You would do them a big favor by getting them spayed. It really does increase their life, by cancelling out certain health issues that fertile females face, including cancers.Most vets will neuter at 5-6 months, some will even do it earlier. Call around
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Some vets will neuter as soon as 9 weeks old , but you need to check the vets to see who will do it so early . But I also recoment (sp) to spayed your females do to health issue in the long run like canser .
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I would love to be able to afford to get them all fixed, but I just dont have the money. I am trying to save up for it, but it'll take awhile. So in the meantime, Im just gonna have to get Halo fixed, which I hope will be soon because right now he has to live in the barn with our 6 other cats. Thanks for your help!
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our local aspca does them as young as 9 weeks, our vet likes to do them around 4-6 monthes.

you should check with your local ASPCA and see if they have a low cost spay clinic. Ours does female cats for 35 and males for 25!
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Maybe you can ask the vet to make payment arrangements , where you can pay every month so much . Thats what I do at my vet when I get a big bill there .
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You can also check out www.spayusa.com for low cost and discount spay/neuter locations.
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Thanks guys! I have yet to call the vet & ask him about his policies, and it will cost about $30, and all I have to do is travel about half an hour away. Its better than the vets in my town, they charge about $75 for neutering. Hopefully, Ill have him done in January if my vet will do it.
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