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Eye infection or eye ulcer?

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I've noticed in the past couple of weeks, Tiki's eyes are running like crazy again. Last year I took her to the Vet about her eyes & she had Claymadia(sp?). Once her infection was healed, there was a brown spot on her blue eye & it was only on one of her eyes. I asked the Vet about it & she told me it was nothing to worry about. She thought it was from the previous infection & with time it will go away. Well, it hasn't. I happened to take Tiki to a new Vet in Lincoln a few weeks ago & he noticed that. I told him about the situation & he said he hadn't seen anything like it before. End of subject...so stupid me dropped it too. After I picked her up from spending the night at the Vets, I noticed her eye lid rim was reddened. I kept an eye (sorry about the pun!) on it & with in the past couple of days her eye has gotten inflammed. I looked at it tonight & I can tell it bothers her a lot. She wouldn't let me look at it much, but I did notice that her eye has a greyish colored filmy gunk on it. The eye does seem swollen...not just the lid. It's running like crazy, so I've been wiping away the gunk with a clean wet warm cloth. I called the Vet & the soonest I can get in is on Friday evening at 5:30. I really don't know if it's an eye infection or if it's an eye ulcer. It actually looks a lot like a human cataract. I've seen that in a dog before & the Vet said it was an ulcer.

Any ideas what this could be? Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain until Friday? Thanks in advance!
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Honesty, it sounds like an ulcer, but to confirm they need to take a close look.
If it is an ulcer, I wouldn't wait until Friday. If they go untreated, they just get worse and it will take much longer to heal, as well as the possibility of surgery if it gets bad enough. I would really try to get in before then.
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You need to get your cat to the vet, sooner than Friday. This has happen to 2 of my cats.They had to have surgery to fix the eye. The surgery is just the start of reparing the eye. it takes months of putting medication in the cat.Good lucky
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Ok...their closed now. But I'll call tomorrow morning & see if they can get her in sooner than Friday. I'll be out of town tomorrow all day, so the soonest I can do it is on Wednesday. Hopefully they can see her then!

I really hope it isn't serious...it looks bad though.
Thanks to both of you! I'll keep you all informed on what happens with little Tiki!
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I snapped a couple pictures of it...
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And another...
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Her eye reallly looks bad. You have to be carefull what type medication you pull in her eye.Because if she has no ulceer the medication will make it a ulcer. Call your vet tomorrow and tell him her eye is really bad.
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Thanks! I will!
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Her eye looks very sore. The poor baby, I wish I could do more for her.
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One of my poor babies had to wear a Elizabeth Collar for 3 weeks after her surgery.I almost pass out the first time I saw my baby.They had to keep the eye close for it will heal righ.the ulcer will heal with new skin, from the lid.My baby wouldnt eat for days.My Gueina Pig was a mess from her eye. Then 4 weeks later she got one in the other eye.It was back to surgery agin.I lost my Gueina Pig to cancer laast December, I think this is why I dont like Christmas this year. I miss my baby so much.She was a very special baby, My vet came it to do a c-section on her mother at 3am, We both had to work on the baby to save her life. Then I had to end her life because of the cancer. Both me and my vet cry about what we had to do to help her.
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