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Cat rescue workers S.O.S.

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2 women were on their way back to Kansas City from Best Friends in Utah where they just delivered Oreo the cat to it's permanent home - it had incredibly bad IBD and could not be adopted (over the last year) so Best Friends gave it a forever home.

In Green River, Utah, a truck broadsided their car and totalled it. Everyone is unhurt, but the truck drove off and the 2 women and a puppy are now stranded in Green River trying to make it home to Kansas City. The woman who arranged transport is deaf and thank heavens her hearing friend is with her to make arrangements.

There are no rental car places in Green River (on I-70 north of Moab) so they are trying to get a car from Moab. There are hotels so at least they have shelter while they wait for car and donations to get them home.

By any stretch.....is there anyone that lives out in that general area that can get these women and puppy to either Moab or Grand Junction Colorado?
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Do they still need help.
If so do you mind if I crosspost this??
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I received an update a few minutes ago. Here it is directly from the rescue group in KC:

Background: Oreo was a special needs cat that was accepted into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah. He has severe IBD and had been with a collector. Our vet had him for over a year at their clinic in a custody dispute. In October, they gained custody of him and asked me to find him a home. After some time of trying to do that I turned to Best Friends.

Then the transport probs came, it is not easy to get a cat from KC to Kanab Utah especially at this time of year. Jessica or JeJe (as she likes to be called) xxxx said she would transport him to Denver. So with some forwarding of the transport plea email from this list, we got a woman, Jenny xxxx in Denver who said she could take him on from there. JeJe decided to just go the entire distance as she would have someone with her that could hear....JeJe is deaf...

Oreo was delivered to Best Friends and about 300 miles away on their way home they were in an accident. First off, both Jenny & JeJe are ok physically BUT JeJe's car is totalled and they are in a small town called Green River in Utah. JeJe, for those that dont know, is deaf, however Jenny is a hearing person and is with her. They are stranded in Green River and trying to get home. They were broadsided by a semi and their angels were there because a cliff was on the one side but JeJe was able to gain control of the vehicle to keep from going off the cliff. I know it is Christmas time but if ANYONE could help with ANYTHING, especially funds to get these 2 back to their homes before Christmas please let me know. They are still 90 miles from where they could get a rental car even. I have copied JeJe's mom Tracy on the email also. Please let me know asap....I cant believe this has happened to them when they were on a mission of mercy.....

UPDATE: After a bazillion calls today, JeJe and Jenny are right now on a shuttle from Green River to Grand Junction. There they will be able to pick up a rental car and drive to Jenny's in Denver and then JeJe will head back here. JeJe has a puppy with her and all her belongings that she had in her vehicle so it wasnt prudent to fly. The shuttle cost $180.00 for both and the puppy. I think they must have went back in time as the shuttle didnt even accept credit cards!! So I had to wire them money (which was a ridiculous charge to do..) So far there are $250.00 in pledge money, looks like this is going to be over $500.00. If you have pledged to help or can help, please mail it to:

HELP Humane Society
PO Box 18
Raymore, MO 64083

We are non profit recognized by the IRS so it will be tax deductible. Best Friends was also contacted and tried to help with any body in the area but this was really WAY out of the main stream and so many people are out on holiday so this was the cheapest way to get them home for Christmas.......Jenny has a young child. Thanks for any help, I know it is a bad time of the year and thanks to Jenny & JeJe, Oreo is will be spending Christmas at Best Friends...I will keep you updated!

And from me - they also have a Paypal set up on their website at www.helppets.org Note it as the "JeJe Fund".

Thanks to anyone that can help - at least we're getting them home for Christmas!!
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Please everyone feel free to crosspost. I'd like to make a plea to anyone who has had a cat transported from a distant location to their furever home to help out. JeJe and Jenny are the folks that will drive halfway across the country to ensure that a cat's life is safe. HELP is fronting the money to get them back home for Christmas, but is using up the money they were to use to pay their outstanding vet bill. No vet money, no more rescues.

Thanks all!
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I'm getting many e-mails a day on the update of poor JeJe and her puppy Amica. Tonight she will make it to Omaha and someone just got arrangements to get her home to Kansas City tomorrow. Here is an e-mail that she sent out earlier today from Denver. How utterly selfless this woman is!!


I'm Jessica (aka JeJe) and I'm in Denver now. For you who have not kept up with emails...I agreed to help Cyndi to get lovely cat named Oreo to his safe haven at Best Friend facility in Knab, Utah. We got in bad car accident on our way toward Denver, CO where my team driver lives. Hit and run coal truck almost sent us over the cliff into the lake which meant certain death for us. It was definitely God who protected us. The credit belongs to him!

The best thing is that we know that Oreo will be happy once he adjust to his new forever home. It's such incredible place!

And Amica, my foster 4 months old black lab puppy, was incredible and she continues to be! She became my hearing and guard dog without any training. Through the accident she stayed calm and helped me stay calm. It's gonna be hard to part with her so on our return, it takes incredible family to meet my approval before she leaves my side :-) The funny thing is that the name fits her perfectly! Amica is Italian word for female friend :-) She's that and more!

We wanted to take time to thank you all for your kindness and support toward my mother who has been working around the clock with Cyndi (Pres. of HELP) to get Jenny and me toward Denver. And I'm still working on finding best way to get home to KC with Amica with me. After the holiday, I'm gonna need a lawyer and go after that BT company who employs driver who has no understanding of how precious life is! There are a lot of details that needs to be worked out such as lack of car etc. However, we're alive and we will be home for Christmas one way or other. I'll continue to pull out animals somehow :-) And I'll continue to help you with your effort also.

Have a blessed holiday! Each moment is precious!

With love,

~JeJe & the Rescued Animals
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