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Followed all your advice

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This evening, I called round to Mike's parents and saw his mother. Mike was my mate who comitted suicide in November for those not in the know. Anyway, I asked some time ago what people would recommend I take as some form of gift to them as would like to have done something to let them know I cared. Mike was a great mate believe me and I know this christmas will not be good at all.
So, I asked you lot what you would suggest and wine seemed to be a good idea.
I called round and as expected, there are no cards in the house, nor is there any tree or decorations and there will be no christmas this year. The familly are still so deep in mourning, it hurts you seeing them there.
His mum invited me in and I stood there talking with her in the hallway - it sounded like they had company and I had no wish to intrude.
I told her that I had not brought a card saying merry christmas as there are no words that I can say to her for her sorrow. However,I know that they liked a glass of wine and even though I dont know one wine from the other, I understood that the bottle was a good one. (I used a large chunk of some money I had on the bottle and I just hope its a good one).
She seemed so touched, she said they would have it, would raise a glass to me and my familly on christmas day. I hugged her and she held me so tight it felt like my mother (who wants nothing to do with me this year as she grieves as well for my stepfather). She asked me to not be a stranger and I promised I would not.
I told her that on christmas day, I would be with christopher and my wife, however, the toast would be to friends past and present, familly, and to her and her husband and my mate Mike.
I opened the door and silently left walking to the car and drove away in silence.

So, to you all that helped me with the ideas and for giving the thought of a nice bottle of wine, I sincerely thank you.

It was an emotional drive home for me in silence.
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oh kev,I don't know what to say,but hang in there,.I am glad you went to see his family and I am sure so are they.I will say a prayer for you and Mike and his family.
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Kev you are wonderful , there is no other wort for it . You may don't think so , but they may never forget that in their life that you thought of them and cared enough to come by at their house . I am sure that you were in pain driving back home , for for that couple you made a difference . God bless you Kev
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So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

Kev, you are a wonderful guy. Your wife and son are lucky to have you.
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Very classy Kev. Just reading your email brought a tear to my eye. I can somewhat relate since one of my dear friends were killed in a car accident in September. I have only seen his wife twice since the day we buried Todd & I know that she's having a very hard time with it all. I sent her a Christmas card even though I'm sure there will not be any Happy Holidays for her. I really didn't know what to write, but I just wanted her to know that I'm thinking of her & of Todd this holiday season.

I love the Holidays but it's difficult when you lose someone dear to your heart right before them or anytime for that matter.

You did the right thing Kev. Maybe this will help your grieving too.
Happy Holidays to you & your family Kev!
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That was a wonderful gesture that you did Kev.
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That was a very sweet thing to do Kev. I hope your family has a special christmas! Love & best wishes to Carol, Christopher and yourself.
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Thinking of you Kev. And of Mike and his family.
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That was a very thoughtful gesture, and I'm sure it meant a lot to your friend's family.
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Kev, you know, maybe you were meant to have this woman in your life. You need a mother and she needs a son. Maybe you can't exactly be that for each other, but you could be there for one another. Just my thoughts.
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