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Another of my talents is....

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being a drummer....

Yesterday was the big day so to speak..... the only problem I had was that the tape deck I was gonna use to record the session was busted I had this thing repaired a year ago, it was working fine, but it has been sitting since then and seeing it was Sunday I didn't have a whole lot of options to me at 5pm.

There were easily 30 people in this room and I guess they weren't expecting a drummer. Tried not to let it go to my head but it seemed I was getting the majority of the attention from the audience. Had a couple of women hover around my set.... ( oh I wish I was still single lol)

We did about 20 songs or so and I only botched this one tune because I had never heard of it before and I just felt like a spaz at that moment, however the rest of them went pretty well ( after I sat here Saturday listening to every conceivable Christmas tune lol)

Spoke with a couple of people afterwards and the one commented to me she was pretty impressed with my playing and asked me if I just started playing or if I am a veteran, I just said I've been around drums since I was 5 and this other woman commented to me, sounds like you were born with drum sticks in your hands LOL.

It was definetly an eye opener where my strengths and weaknesses are....
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That's great to hear that it went well.

And you can only improvise when you've never heard the tune before. lol
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