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Happy Holidays from Spike and Me

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Spike and I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season! And we thought we'd share Spike's Christmas photo from this year as well. Hope you all enjoy the holidays!

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Back at ya! Hugs to you and scritches to Spike!
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Happy happy christmas! And kisses to Spike!
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Merry Christmas to you and Spike, too. What a precious pic.
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My nephew is adorable! Merry Christmas to you and Spike, Jenny (=
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And Happy Holidays to both of you! Cute picture, BTW.
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Happy holidays to you & Spike.
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Nakita and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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Awwww what an adorable photo of Spike!!! I love it!

Happy Holidays to you too!
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And a Happy Holidays to You and Spike too . From me and Patches and Tiger.... Be safe Jenn!
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Cute photo! Happy Christmas to you and Spike as well Jenn!
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Spike is just too adorable. I couldn't possibly ask for a cuter nephew. My girls are are jealous of the sheer amount of time I take staring at his picture. He is a stunning cat.

See Jenn? I told you I would properly fawn over your cat . Love to Spike and Mewwy Christmews!
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what a gorgeous kitty....and i love his name
Merry christmas spike....
from....chance....hannah....Nico and BOB
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Awww, thanks guys.

Jamie - you SHOULD be fawning over your nephew, and often.

And I love this year's picture myself... Spike looks so kittenish in it. (I'm so biased. )

Mewwy Christmews!!!
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Thank you . I love the picture , that is so cute .

Merry Christmas to you and all TCS member .
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What a sweet picture
Faline, Simba Nala and Tiger and I wish you and Spike a wonderful Christmas and all TCS members!
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That is such a beautiful picture of Spike! I was thrilled to see that picture when I opened your Christmas card the other day! I have it hanging on my refridgerator now alongside the beautiful picture of Nakita I got from Kass in her Christmas card and I see them both every day! Thank you both!!!
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"POP goes the ki-tty" That's a really cute photo of Spike-in-the-Box, but where are my manners?! Have a merry Christmas Jenn!
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