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Litterbox issues!

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I am so relieved to find a forum like this. I have read all of the issues everyone is facing with their cats and I can relate to almost everyone. I am sure we all can relate to each other. Now to my problem.

We just relocated to another town and had to move into an a apartment. We have multiple cats. I only have one place to keep the litter boxes which is in the office closet. This is the first time the litterboxes have been on carpet and since I have a slinger and a cat who pees infront of the litter box when things aren't just perfect. I put plastic carpet protectors down, but it has not helped at all. I am still getting litter slung into my carpet and the peeing cat will move the plastic somehow and pee on the carpet. She has been checked out and she is fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may purchase to cover and protect the carpet?
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I can relate as I have five cats who are in and out kitties, only three of the kitties are willing to use the litter box, the other two insist on being let out whent they have to go, which also means those two can't be left inside when we leave the house. If possible I would remove the carpet in the area which your litter boxes are going to be and put in tile or linoleum. If you can't do that maybe you can get a thick panel of linoleum cut to the size of the closet which you could completely cover the carpet with and be sure to tack it down some how so it doesn't roll up on the edges. I think that carpet tacks might work.
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In this thread:
the last entry by crystalcl may work for you!
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It could be that your kitty is still adjusting to the move and is stressed out. Try using Feliway. It's a product that promotes well being and can calm kitties down. It comes in a spray or as a plugin. I've used this each time I've moved house, (once every 6 months for the past year and a half), and it has helped. The bottle has cat pheromones in an alcohol based solution. I've only ever used the spray and had good results. Others in the forum have used the plugins with good success also.

There is also Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy. This is a homeopathic approach to the problem. It calms a kitty down and there are many formulas out there to tackle specific problems, such as fear, stress, anxiety and so forth. This is available online and from health food stores or stores specialising in homeopathic treatments. It's a mixture of herbal essences in an alcohol solution. The small amount of alcohol won't harm your kitty but there is an alternative if you wish to use an alcohol free formula. I usually place one or two drops in the large bowl of drinking water daily.

There is also a thread full of suggestions to try as well on TCS, well more than one actually. But I'll provide the link to one which consolidates many suggestions together to save you time.

Inappropriate Peeing Thread


Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy Detailed Information

Alcohol free alternative to Bach's Rescue Remedy from Vir-Chew-All Enterprizez

Also, check the history of the place that you are now in if you are able to. Check whether there have been other animals living in the apartment. This can also add stress to your kitty. New environment, new smells and then to worry about another animal that 'lives' there. You can check for evidence of cat urine by using a UV light. Just make sure the room is dark. Carry a piece of chalk or lead pencil with you to mark the areas to clean if you find any. Clean the areas with an enzyme cleaner.
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Have you thought about using a product called Cat Attract for the one that dosen't want to use the litter box. It's sold in Petsmart.
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Sometimes my cats get a bad attiude about a litter box. I have found out put a empty litter box where thet are going. They will go in that empty litter box.Sometimes they are gald to use a empty box. I dont know why this works ,but it dose.I use Feliway it didnt make a difference.
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As far as the cat you mentioned that slings the litter out of the box, you could get one of the litter boxes that has the tray type thing that fits over the sides ad makes them higher. It's a little hard to describe but the edges are raised and are bent in toward the litter box to prevent it from being kicked out. Dori used to kick all her litter out and I got one of the boxes that was completely covered and she was scared to go inside. I got the type that has the raised sides and I no longer get litter all over my floor. As far as the one who goes just outside of the litter box, I am not sure what to suggest.
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Perhaps you can find a large metal or plastic pan with low edges that will fit the front portion of the closet floor? You might be able to find one in a restaurant supply house. Hopefully he wouldn't be able to lift that up. Or try a large rubber mat, weighted down at the edges with something heavy like bricks. Then try a large rubbermaid container as suggested in the other thread for the 'slinger'.

*also, make sure you're cleaning the box at every possible opportunity, at least twice daily - some cats will express their dissatisfaction with having to go in a dirty box by peeing next to the box, or somewhere else entirely.

Feliway is also great for helping cats adjust to new environments- definitely worth a try.
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