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My mum's poor cat

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Hey guys

My mum's bengal, Kubla Khan, fell off the balcony of their house this weekend (he is very clumsy) and cracked his femur. So they have to operate on him today. Apparently they have to shave the bone or remove it or something.... :-(

Please spare a thought for him.

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Sending **Healing vibes** to Kubla Khan.
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Lots of good thoughts going to your mums cat. Poor baby.
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Here's lots of healing vibes to Kubla Khan!

I know how your mom must feel. My QT fell from the roof (she was in a catfight) and also underwent surgery for a broken leg. Today, she continues to climb high places tho!
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lotsa hugs and prayers
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poor fella! I'm sending get well soon vibes for the poor fella... keep us updated
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get well soon thoughts for poor Kubla Khan (and 'dont worry' vibes to your mum)
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Fingers crossed that all goes well for the op.
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Hope Kubla Khan is up on his feet again soon!
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Warm fuzzies wending their way from San Diego!
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poor boy, I hope he's ok.
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